Friday 9 October 2009

Satanic Possession

By Kaj Krinsm√łe 8th October 2009.

When a satanic monster like Mr. Tony Blair is proposed as the European Union's first President it is symptomatic of how dark Illuminati forces and estranging political development is taking possession of the European Union. It is the New World Order which is already a crime against humanity.

The Bilderberg group is a front for the political assembly in the City (London). In fact global usury and Jewish Supremacism constitutes neo-British Imperialism. This was set up many years ago when Joseph Rettinger, a Krakow Jew, approached Prins Bernhard of Holland and persuaded him to take a lead. Joseph Rettinger was paid by CIA and became a Catholic. And earlier yet, when Mr. Arthur Balfour, as Foreign Secretary, 1917, sent his Balfour Declaration to Lord Rothschild, the monstrous Masonic/Illuminati conspiracy gained great advantage. Jews in GB knew that they were being set up and compromised by the usurers in City, who would exploit Zionist ideology. But the media-controlled majority-mind was focused on the First World War. Great Britain thus became committed to support the Zionist State.

Adolf Hitler, trained at the British Army's center at Tavistock, Devon, England, in 1912, persecuted the Jews to create Israel. In much the same manner Europeans are now becoming committed in a satanic political nexus, the European Union, that they have no comprehension of and that only their corrupted democratic leaders have voted for. These political whores are entirely controlled by the Illuminati assets of global usury.

Mr. Blair is an asset of the intermarried British Imperialism and Jewish Supremacism that manifestly has been cultivated in City for a hundred years, at least, with Israel as a vital fighting wing. When Mr. Blair and former President Bush are not being prosecuted for crimes against humanity in the International Court in Holland, this shows what monstrous corrupt and collusive international administration prevails. The USA and its privately owned central bank, Federal Reserve, is another vital aspect of British Imperialism. America has fought world wars for British Imperialism. The British fought two major wars for the usurers in City, only becoming poorer and poorer for it, whilst the usurers in City grew richer.

The British were confused by the ideology that Mr. Marx served up. Indeed Mr. Marx supplied the synthetic opiate that served the interests of global usury. When international usurers financed the Bolshevik Revolution this reveals how finance is used to disrupt cultures and acquire political/economic power. Mr. Marx wrote extensively about the problems of capital but he didn't mentioned usury which is the element of finance that cause, and is used, to create boom and bust economic cycles. And Mr. Marx put wage earners up against their employers. Yet, both employers and employees are at the mercy of and exploited by usurious predatory finance. Ideological flimflam and cultural subversion has prevented the employees and employers from seeing their common interests. Why else would international usurers finance ideologies?

When international politics is dominated and manipulated by usurers it is because the lick-democratic politicians are corrupted and co-opted. The European Union is managed by the whores of usury.Mr. Blair has already been paid a million dollars to integrate the Zionist State, Israel, in the European Union. His track record shows that he is a possessed political asset. And when Mr. Blair converted to Catholicism some years back this divulges how Masonic assets are used to subvert what integrity may still be intact in Catholicism. The present Pope is a Masonic asset. Before he goes on a state visit to Israel, he takes a holyday in Austria, this is where the present Black Pope (Father General) lives.

Jews began using Catholicism early in the 1500s, less than two generations after the Jews were thrown out of Spain, by starting The Jesuit Order and they put a pious Basque priest up as the first Father General, Ignatius Loyola. The second and third Father General, were Jews. One of their first "good works" was to teach children on Sicily to read and write. During the Middle Ages the Jews, largely excluded from the self-sufficient and wealthy feudal communities, noted that people who could not read and write had more intuition than the dolts who could. This is where mechanistic European thinking started and the ruthless logic culminated with an intellectual dolt like Immanuel Kant.

Within the first 100 years of the Jesuit Order, the Jesuits were in secret control of virtually all political activity in Europe, partly by using the confessional to extract information. And the Jesuit Order evolved as the world's most efficient intelligence organ. At one point Jesuits virtually controlled Japan and they were thrown out. One of their credos declared that the holy goal justifies foul means. Pious Catholics knew that this was a moral perversion, but by then the Jesuit Order was well established. Gradually the Jesuit Order faded into the background in a more and more secular world and their social/political activity was superseded by a political communism, and the communists reminded the world that the revolutionary goal justifies the foul means. Communism was a Jewish front and Catholicism is being subverted to become a satanic Masonic front for City.

The sinister legacy and the foul means of the Western world are blatantly demonstrated in Iraq and Afghanistan and in Palestine. The European Union is a facile moral bog that serves the hegemony of the New World Order which issue from City. And Mr. Blair is a living symptom of this criminal order of dark horses that possess Europe more and more trenchantly. The new Europe is a socialistic phenomenon. Just as Israel was cultivated by humanistic sentiments and socialists, so the European Union is developing in the environment of socialism. It is no coincidence that Jean Monnet worked in London when he master minded the European Union on Socialist lines. He said that a Federal European Government would prevent the nations fighting each other. Was he unaware that it was the international Illuminati bankers who were behind the wars and the ideologies that tore communities apart? Glibly he sophisticated the ideological temple that has attracted legions of bureaucrats and although international usurers don't own the European Central Bank, their predatory practice is almost as pernicious in Europe as on Wall Street.

Greed for work-free assets is a satanic obsession which usurers and Socialists live high on.Without their European and American assets, Jewish Supremacism, ruling the world from Jerusalem, is not feasible. This will be engineered by religious and economic parameters and incentives, and by the corrupt lick-democratic leaders in Europe who flourish in hedonistic hilarity and the cognitive dissonance generated by media whores.

Kaj Krinsm√łe
Abildgade 15,
8200 Aarhus

Thursday 1 October 2009

Unavoidable Abscence.

Dear Readers,

Due to illness, I will be away from the blog for an extended period.

I apologise for any disappointment caused.


Thursday 24 September 2009

The New Feudalists - The EU Communitarian Agenda.

By Philip Jones 24th September 2009.

“Communitarianism is a collectivist philosophy that explicitly rejects individualism. It does not merely relegate individualism to a subordinate position, but is openly hostile to it. It is an ideology of 'civic society' which is nothing less than one version of Post-Marxist collectivism which wants privileges for certain wealthy and influential organized groups, and in consequence, a renewed feudalising of society." Vaclav Klaus.


This article was originally posted in October of last year. With the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty only a week or so away, I felt it timely to repost in order that the people of Europe and the Irish in particular understand that what is at stake is nothing less than the choice between freedom and slavery!Communitarianist Ideology.

The European Union is a major aspect of the `New World Order` and the so called `sustainable development` movement. The main objective of the Federal European State to be, is absolute social, personal and economic control in a collectivist and corporatist society. The philosophy behind the EU is a strange mixture of Capitalism and Communism - a form of Euro Marxism which owes much of its dogma to the Pre World War II Italian Marxist Philosopher, Antonio Gramsci.. The nearest ideology to that practiced by the EU is something called `Communitarianism`, or what Tony Blair called the 'Third Way'..

We are talking of a dialectical trap here, with Corporate money funding Socialism as Thesis, ideological Socialism as Antithesis and Communitarianism or the `New Imperium` as Synthesis. Money grabs and concentrates power, whilst State Socialism promises the total redistribution of ownership and wealth. This contradiction provides an almost irresistible dynamic.

Communitarians want to create a post-modern, post-democratic feudal society run by a small number of rich and powerful people with everyone else working as peasants. In order to achieve their objectives they must destroy the middle class and the nation state. Can anyone deny that their goals are firmly on course.

One of the most mysterious aspects of the European Union from a `lay-man’s` standpoint is the decision making process. Even with only the bare minimum of research, it becomes clear that we the people have little or no influence on any of the decisions reached in our name and the subsequent diktats which inevitably follow. In this article/essay, I will try and identify the ideology and aims of the key socio- economic decisions that drive the EU, and how because of these decisions, our lives are increasingly no longer our own.

The socio political economic agenda of the EU is carefully and intentionally buried beneath myriad layers of tedious and unintelligible `newspeak`. Despite this, in recent years, as the pace of so called EU 'reform' has quickened, many researchers like myself have begun to expose and unravel this intentionally obtuse and often ambiguous jargon and reveal it for what it really is; A tool of confusion and misinformation intended towards the enslavement of the peoples of Europe by the rule of diktat and economic servitude..

Once the spotlight of investigation is shone directly at `the beast`, what emerges is a Communitarian Agenda driven solely by corporate interests. Monetary Profit is to be the `bottom line` on everything from public services to defence to the very useful environmental `Trojan Horse`. High sounding `non descriptions` precede cleverly worded specifics that determine that the one and only benchmark be an economic one.

The truth is of course that if the people of Europe themselves were to engage in setting the EU agenda, the current programme would almost without question be reversed. Instead of the `Mammonistic` ideal of profit before all, we would most certainly witness an agenda dominated by life quality issues like real un-politicised education for our children, and a healthcare service not tied to the pharmaceutical conglomerates, and free of political restraint, with a remit to provide the very best treatment available, whether it be of the traditional or alternative varieties.

The Roots And Goals Of The New Feudalism.

Anarchists would probably say that the basis of the EU agenda rests squarely with the ruling classes, but although in actuality correct, sooner than leave it at that, it is useful to unravel the `ball of string` by which the `Union’s` decisions are formulated, created , morphed into diktat and then monitored. For what appears from beneath the shroud are the most corrupting and powerful corporations in Europe. `Greed` entities with no pretense of any mandate beyond their combined annual turnover of €950 million and the fact they employ only around four million workers on a Continent inhabited by almost 500 million people.

Much of the ideological base for the EU Agenda can be found in the works of Count Count R. N. Coudenhove-Kalergi (Pic.above) who is justifiably regarded by many as the `God-father` of the European Union. It was his suggestion that Beethoven's hymn be the EU's Anthem, and he was extremely active in connection with the design of the EU logo. It was Coudenhove who founded the Pan European Union in the early part of the 20th century. It is interesting to note that his successor in the movement was Otto Von Hapsburg, an honorary professor of the University of Jerusalem, and recipient of the 'International Humanitarian Award', of the 'Anti Defamation-League' (ADL) of the Jewish B’nai B’rith Masonry Lodge. Coudenhove Kalergi's father was a close friend of Theodor Herzle the founder of Zionism.

Coudenhove’s vision for Europe was of a vast feudal fiefdom, where a small group of Money Aristocrats ruled a population of Serfs through a plutocratic {plutocratic = rule or power through wealth} false democratism which we see today holds thrall over the whole of the continent. His vision was shared, funded and sponsored by the `bloodline` and moneyed families of both Europe (Rothschild’s) and the USA(Rockefellers). In fact, since the end of WWII, the major dynamic behind the Federalist vision has come not from the European side, but from the Eastern Seaboard `establishment` families such as the Rockefeller's, Harriman's, Morgan’s, Dulles’ and Bush’s.

Theater For The Masses.

“The plan, I think, is the old one of world dominion in a new form . . . the money-power and revolutionary power have been set up and given sham but symbolic shapes ('Capitalism" or "Communism') and sharply defined citadels ('America' or "Russia') . . . Such is the spectacle publicly staged for the masses. But what if similar men, with a common aim, secretly rule in both camps and propose to achieve their ambition through the clash between those masses? I believe any diligent student of our times will discover that this is the case."-- Douglas Reed

This theatrical struggle between Capitalism and Communism over the inheritance of their `bloodline` aristocracy is a fratricidal war of the `blood` aristocracies a fight between individualistic and socialist, egoist and altruist, heathen and Christian ideals. The `Generals` in this make believe battle of both parties are recruited from Europe's Secret Societies and Brotherhoods, who can all be canopied beneath the metaphorical tarpaulin of the Illuminati.

Both Capitalism and Communism are rational, mechanical constructs. The time of the Old Military Caste nobility has passed. The effect of the `synthesis`, and it’s power, namely the belief in it, along with the hope that it’s time is nearing, is now growing exponentially, and with it the audacity and arrogance of the `New` Aristocracy. Through their puppet politicians sitting furtively in National Parliaments, The Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and the plethora of other `front` organisations, their European `Project` appears close to becoming a reality, a first step along the road to the New World Order.

At the fourth annual conference of the Institute for the Scientific Study of International Relations at Copenhagen in June 1931 which was published in the magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in December of that year, the following Statement was read out:

“We are at present working discreetly but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of our world. And all the time we aredenying with our lips what we are doing with our hands, because to impugn the sovereignty of the local national states of the world is still a heresy for which a statesman or a publicist can be, perhaps not quite burnt at the stake, but certainly ostracized and Discredited.”

The Methodology of Communitarianist Fascism.

The EU project has up until recently been subtle in the extreme. Step by laborious step, one treaty after the other, they have hidden their true intentions behind an economic smokescreen, aided by a population who have abdicated responsibility for the decision making in their lives to liars, cheats and degenerates who whilst masquerading as elected representatives of the people, have conspired to disenfranchise them completely. Now, as we writhe and squirm amidst the worst economic crisis in living history, the Corporate plan for total control of the continent in the first instance, and the planet in the second, is nearing successful completion.

What amazes this writer is that there are still those `amateur` researchers, who although far more informed than the average State/Media programmed `resource` still cannot understand that these are not chaotic times. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The `project` is completely `on track` and nearing it’s conclusion. So arrogant are the `Lord and Masters` now, that even a minor detail such as the Irish Referendum `NO` vote does not deter their ambitions. So how were a relatively small cadre of conspirators able to achieve this astonishing level of supremacy over a population of almost 500 million people?

A detailed dissection of this question is not feasible in an Essay of this kind, but an examination of the above diagram will help us understand the main instruments of control by which all the countries of Europe (even those outside of the bloc still incredulously clambering for membership) have handed over control to the European Federalists.

The Center.

An illegitimate money power without any public mandate drawing it’s strength from Usury, Monopoly Capitalism and the Industrial Military Complex.. The source of all great power in the 21st century and the 20th before it is money. And the root and base of this power is Usury, that is the issue of money as interest bearing debt. Since the 1980’s, banks and lenders have seemingly been falling over themselves to lend money. Now as we try to ride out our present woes, we are told that money is scarce. Why is it scarce? Because the same people who were lending it so willingly are no longer doing so. They `create` money as figures on a screen in the form of loans. It is money out of thin air, backed by nothing other than the people’s taxes, and a belief that it exists and that it has some worth.

In this way, they have enticed millions of people to sign their freedoms away for the promise of a new home, car, kitchen or bathroom. Then when the time was right, NOW, they started calling in unpaid loans, manipulating prices, raising interest rates and destroying jobs and manufacturing production in the process. Then, with the people in fear for their existence, and terrified of what the future might bring, demanding naively that something be done, they come up with the solution they had planned all along; More centralisation of bank ownership. State and Corporate mergers through `Government Buyout` packages and the call for a uniform across the board single currency not only for Europe, but for the whole planet.

When the dust settles, we will see that the middle classes have been so badly damaged, that their political and economic power base will be no more. This is how `fiefdoms` and servitude is established.

The Corporate Media.

Supplied with unlimited funds and control over the mass media, the `New lords` of money have been able to dictate what is given to the public by way of knowledge and information. Through television and radio, they use subliminal messaging technology to entrap and entice people into exchanging their identities as individual human souls for that of `consumers`. They manipulate all avenues of `News` reporting ensuring that the `Third Way` consensus is consolidated and maintained.

The European Ideal is paramount and our children are indoctrinated into it by the most subtle and non subtle of means. Popular music and movies, loaded with trigger sounds and words have created a `dumbing down` effect across the continent which is matched and exceeded only in some respects by what can be found in the same media forum across the Atlantic. With a owned and controlled compliant press in tow, which simply repeats and enlarges upon the lies of the Six O’clock News from the evening before, it is little wonder that the vast majority’s idea of reality is totally askew.


The Financial control and manipulation of politics along with the concerted undermining of private enterprise capitalism combined with a progressive programme of State (EU) interference in all aspects of private commerce, has all but destroyed this once proud and independent feature of the European way of life. The mystery of 21st century European politics is the little understood relationship between `Monopoly Capitalism` and Marxism. Two irrefutable facts of 20th century history, although not generally known, is that without huge financial support from the west, the Russian Revolution would not have happened, and that the Industrial and Military strength of the USSR was almost entirely a creation of the West.

Inside the EU, precisely the same techniques and motives have been powerfully at work, undermining systematically the individual member state’s private enterprise capitalist system, substituting in it’s stead elements of pure Socialism and not surprisingly, the EU Commission can be seen to have been implementing in many ways Marx’s own ten points, which are calculated to bring the whole Bloc under a `Socialist` Corporatist Imperium. Namely a Communitarian New European Order. The Canadian Professor and author, Henry Makow puts it this way:

“The Illuminati’s `revolutionary goal` is the New World Order, or authoritarian socialism run by monopoly capital. It is big government in the service of big business. The Left in the service of the Right”.

Foreign Policy.

The European Unionists see their project as a revival of Ancient Rome. A New European Order along the lines of the Roman Empire. A `Pax Europa` if you will. This `vision of a Pan European Superpower has always been the `endgame` and disciples of this ideal have been growing in both support and popularity within the inner sanctum of the Commission over past few decades. The view is that only within the scenario of "Superpower Europe" will "Greater Europe" achieve its rightful world-power potential. Therefore it is rationalised that the "final goal of a European state" should be pursued. All central political competences (interior, foreign policy, defence, social and economic policies) must be Communitised. The EU, already developing in the direction of "Superpower Europe", would always be capable of accepting new members . Thus it would be "globally the only system which could continually expand its territory. Then the great political and economic power potential of the EU would achieve parity with the USA" .

It is necessary to understand that this emerging `superbloc` is only truly relevant in the context of any future World Government Organisation. A `Superpower` only in as much as it forms one regional supranational entity as would a North American Union, and an Asia Pacific Union, all subordinated to the World Government and Army.


The subversion of national culture, including literature, art, music and the undermining of institutions and traditions, church, family and morality was a prerequisite to establishing the Communitarian Supranational State. Only by severing the people’s roots to these aspects of national life could the conspiratorial goals be realised. Organ transplant surgeons encounter a problem called `rejection`, whereby the organ receiver’s body, programmed by nature, rejects the new organ because it simply does not belong. Similarly, before a population can be expected to tolerate any new system of control, means must be found to reduce said populace to a condition of `apathetic servitude`.

Winston Churchill showed his understanding of this when he wrote back in 1922 that there could be no World Government as envisaged by Marxists except on the basis of an induced state of universal arrested development. Since the end of WWII, the peoples of Europe along with the rest of humankind have been, through various means, reduced to exactly that state. This has been achieved via a diabolical program of culture distortion, using subversive genre’s of popular music, ever more degrading and perverse forms of pornography, theater and cinema themes which distort reality and show an inverted and corrupted ideal of all that is natural, moral and good, together with the encouragement of decadence in every possible form.

Briefly put, the substitution of a people’s own indigenous culture with forms of `entertainment` contrived to instill confusion on a mass scale, and paralyse the collective will at source. This undermining and subversion of the culture is openly promoted and encouraged by the media whores of the New Lords Of Money, with the most degraded, drug addicted so called `artists` being touted as role models for our youth.


Science must be controlled and manipulated in order to prevent any obstruction being placed in the way of the Communitarians. For sake of necessity, there must be truth at least in some of the academic disciplines such as maths, physics, chemistry etc. These the money power need and must have for patently obvious reasons. But it cannot allow at any cost a truth or truths which at last gives pure knowledge to mankind and allows the `useless eaters` to liberate themselves from the millennia of deception they have been subjected to. Scientific truths about the `heavenly bodies` during the renaissance were nowhere near as suppressed as are the genuine products of scientific research today in all those fields of inquiry which cause man to explore his own self, such as anthropology, genetics, psychology and history. The persecution and defamation of those who refuse to accept and conform can be traced back time and again to the illegitimate money power, which in reality always decides who is appointed to a teaching post at a university and who is not. Whose work and research is published and whose is condemned to obscurity.


The falsification and suppression of history (especially recent history) goes hand in hand with the falsification and suppression of news. People will lose all confidence in the media if they discover that they have been lied to or denied the truth. This holds true whether we speak of events today, or fifty years since. The control and manipulation of more recent history has become a primary factor in modern political warfare. Unless people know the truth about the past, they will not be equipped to understand the present, and without a clear understanding of this fact, will have no way of helping determine what will occur in the future. As George Orwell wrote, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past”. Control of the study of history, especially of the past 100 years is exercised by a system of `Intellectual Terrorism` intended to suppress knowledge which will arm our minds against an enemy whose greatest power lies in it’s capacity for deception.


“The West has been crippled by a corrosive and corrupt ideology-morality that causes our political elite to declare themselves in sympathy with, and in support of the very elements that boldly proclaim their goal to be the destruction of the nation states of the west”. Richard Clarke.

Nowhere is the merging between the Capitalist super rich and the Marxist `supposedly` anti-capitalists more clearly established than it is in `Brussels`.

As Nikki Raapana writes: "The `Communitarians work behind the scenes. Elite communitarian 'thinkers' quietly slide their new laws inside projects and programs few regular people will think or dare to question. And, just so you won't look any closer, (or open your mouth to ask one dumb question) the Communitarians mask their fascist programs behind all kinds of lovely phrasing. The new phrases work so well that if you do stand out and speak up with a debatable question, it means you don't want to live in a safe and healthy community. And since everyone has to agree in order to reach communitarian consensus, you will be shunned and excluded from the decision making 'councils.' Go ahead and try, but the shifty Communitarians will NEVER debate you because their programs are based entirely in a lie called Communism."


There is no doubt in the mind of this writer that the most powerful source of resistance to the `illegitimate` power will be found in a people’s religion. I will state quite clearly at this point that I myself have been in the past somewhat irreligious, and that has quite likely been to my detriment in some ways. But I have, through recent close contact with some true Christians and Muslims, come to realise that through faith comes resilience, determination and strength.

The central purpose of religion appears to be a means of giving to the individual a spiritual and intellectual base from which that individual can make relative all the stressors and influences he/she encounters and thereby secure a grounded sense of purpose, direction and belonging. Religion, whichever form it might take must forever be at the core of the culture, sustained by and sustaining the arts.

Corruption of religion by powers whose intentions are anything other than religious will have the most destructive of consequences for society in general. Within the EU bloc and further afield,. the result of this corruption has been a secularization and politicisation of the `Church` along with the creation of the `World Council of Churches`.

As the American Ezra Pound once said, “There is no medieval description of hell which exceeds the inner filth of the mentalities of some of the ministers and prelates for whom every species of cruelty and villainy is condoned, even incited, if perpetrated under the banner of the universalist political objectives prescribed by the money power.”

The Communitarian Super-Capitalist Nexus.

“The world is governed by very different persons to what is imagined by those who are not themselves behind the scene”. Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister to Queen Victoria.

Even a cursory investigation of the forces shaping our current woeful situation, creating a socio-political climate described by `Spengler` as “Anarchy become a habit” would be incomplete, without a more informed look at those two supposed `arch` opposites, Capitalism and Communism. The key word here is Capitalism. This oft used word actually has two very divergent meanings. In order to grasp why a Supranational `would be` Federal State such as the EU, representing ostensibly capitalist interests, would adopt social policies which are in almost every way imaginable Communist, we must first understand the two meanings of this word; Capitalist. Actually, we are speaking here of two words in affect:

1) Capitalism, meaning private ownership of property and resources and competitive free enterprise in the supply of goods and services.

2) Super-Capitalism, meaning a highly concentrated finance capitalism which is not only apart from capitalism, but it’s antithesis and which sooner rather than later acquires the characteristic of being actively `anti-capitalist`.

It is not possible to continue to concentrate ownership and control of property and resources without simultaneously reducing the number who own and control said property and resources. Similarly, there can be no concentration of Corporate Ownership and control, without a corresponding inhibition and suppression of free enterprise. What has happened within the European Union is a progressive degeneration of Capitalism into a form of `Super Capitalism` or what should be more properly termed `Anti Capitalism` which resembles Capitalism less and less and Socialism or Communism more and more.

The bare minimum of `bona fide` capitalist values have been allowed to remain in order to confuse the picture and create difficulties for most people to identify that their traditional economic way of life has in fact been replaced by this new `Money Concentration`. Capitalism serves only as a means of camouflage for an all encompassing and omnipotent `Anti Capitalism` dominating both economics and politics.

The modern `Super-Capitalist` EU has more in common with the former Soviet Union than anyone not involved in this area of research would ever imagine to be the case. Yes, there are differences and opposing spheres of interest, but these become insignificant in comparison to what they have in common. Both are virulently antagonistic towards Nationalism and are therefore revolutionary in principal, setting themselves as they do in fierce opposition to Nationalist aspirations which are essentially evolutionary. Nationalism, a much maligned and misrepresented political credo is inseparably connected to a people’s culture and traditions. This causes it to become the mortal enemy of the `Supra-nationalists` whose goal is the Super-state.

The reason that this `Super-Capitalism` lives in eternal dread of Nationalism can be explained by examining the fundamental issue of whether there should in any state construct be an authority superior to economics. Which shall govern, politics or economics? Through ethical nationalism, in spite of it’s inherited ailments, the will of the people is made vital, which causes politics to become the master over economics, which no matter how important it might be, is then relegated to it‘s morally natural subordinate status.

Since there is no way that Communism, or more correctly in this the first decade of the 21st century, Communitarianism, can be resisted except by nationalism, it is of no surprise that the `Super-Capitalists` have for the past fifty years and more been ruthlessly dedicated to destroying the nation state and severing from it the love and loyalty of the people.

The Communitarians understand that their only weapon against Nationalism is Marxist theory, and that in itself marshals all the forces of the underworld along with the `rootless` academics using them as a `siege gun` against any or all nationalist targets (see the murder of Austrian Politician, Jorg Haider).


The European Federal State will usher in a new age of Feudalism for the people of the old continent. The technological advances in recent years have enabled the `designers and planners` to construct a `Grid` around people’s lives, using insidious database technology combined with despicable propaganda and pernicious surveillance of all and every aspect of a citizens life. Yet still, we the people do nothing. There are reported to be around 50,000 concentration camps already in place earmarked for EU dissidents ( ). The Military is still on the streets of Italy, and the Euro Gendarmerie ( is ready to be unleashed. During the 1930’s, even though all the signs were there , people refused to recognise them. Are we going to once again fail to learn from our history?

Jean Monnet, the so called ` founding father of the EU did everything but paint us a picture when he wrote:

“ Europe’s nations should be guided towards the Superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation .“ (Letter to a friend 30th April 1952).

Now is a time for `Heroes` and time is short. Just maybe once again, the Irish people will show the rest of Europe the way forward and be as heroes for all of us denied the right to self determination by our lying and cheating politicians.


This Age Of Confict - Ivor BensonStop Common Purpose - - reference base for this article regarding what Communitarianism is and who Communitarians are can be found at

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Sick As A Dog!!

Dear Readers, Members etc.

The above says it all. It's going to be a little slow and quiet `Blogwise` for a while. I am not well!

On the upside, it should allow you the time to read David Livingstone's Book.


Thursday 17 September 2009

The Nexus Of Evil : Part Ten (A Pre-emptive Strike On Humanity) The Conclusion.

By Philip Jones 16th September 2009.

“By wielding inordinate financial and political power, the plan of the Illuminati is to foment a global war, or World War III, from which will emerge, out of the ashes of the expired civilizations of our time, like a phoenix from the fire, a New World Order. The coming confrontation is being presented as a Clash of Civilizations, between the Liberal Democratic West and Islamic fundamentalism.” David Livingstone -Terrorism And The Illuminati.


When the concepts and ideas which formed the initial `skeleton` of this series began to formulate and take shape in my mind, my goal by article's end was to to illustrate how the `Nexus Of Evil,` created by the Illuminati, has by use of divide and rule, and the Hegelian Dialectical formula, caused otherwise good and decent human beings to fear and even hate each other, for no other reason than being different. Christianity, Islam and Judaism each have the same root origin, and share the worship of the same God. And yet in this the first decade of the 21st century, they are lining up against each other once again, in wars of aggression, stage-managed and manipulated by an ancient and malevolent secret force literally `hell bent` on world domination.

It is all too easy for an extended article such as this, to lose its way, so in order to avoid such digression and deviation from the `script,` I reasoned that an `anchor` was needed. I remembered a booklet I had read some years ago by a now deceased Swedish born South African journalist named Ivor Benson[1], entitled `This Age Of Conflict.`

It is true to say that Mr. Benson's short and concise expose of what many term the `Global Agenda,` had a profound affect on my view of the world I lived in. It is from that booklet that the above diagram originates, and it is that simple illustration of the `Nexus Of Evil` which has credibly provided the required `anchor.`

This series of articles has drawn upon many research sources, but two stand out as having been critical in helping me to assemble the necessary research material and information. The late Mr. Benson's is one, and the other is Canadian historian and author, David Livingstone's `Terrorism And The Illuminati.`[2]

The latter is without doubt the `Bible` of this field of investigation, and I would recommend that anyone wishing to truly understand the dangerous world events now taking place, not only read the book, but refer to it frequently as a means of staying focused, and not becoming sidetracked by the multitude of often conflicting theories and hypotheses, put out by some researchers with not always sincere intentions.

I would like to belatedly thank Mr. Benson for his many excellent articles and books on contentious subjects most writers avoid, and David Livingstone for his superb book and his always prompt and helpful advice whenever I have found it necessary to contact him. All other source material drawn from, is listed with thanks in the reference section below each individual part.


During the course of this series, our path has traversed that 150 year time period which Ivor Benson quite correctly termed an `Age Of Conflict, ` unprecedented in human history. From the middle of the 19th Century to the present day, humankind has been subjected to an almost uninterrupted sequence of terrible and catastrophic wars, which have decimated the global population, and twice during the 20th Century caused slaughter and destruction on a scale hitherto unimagined. A Third Global Conflagration would most certainly bring the mass of humanity to the very brink of annihilation.

Research has shown clearly that this `Age Of Conflict,` is no accident. In fact, there exists a `blueprint` for what has happened, in the form of a letter written by Free-masonic Grand Master Albert Pike, to fellow Mason and Luciferian, Giuseppe Mazzini back in the 19th Century[3] where he outlined his plans for three world wars, the third being a `Clash of Civilisations, ` between the Islamic World and the West.

So far, everything has gone exactly according to Pike's plan, and since the tragedy of September 11th 2001, it has not been too difficult to identify the means by which the Illuminati are manipulating the Dialectic towards a Third Global War, by manoeuvring the Zionist puppet government of the USA and its allies, into a major confrontation with the nations of Islam, which will then inevitably spill over and draw Russia China, Pakistan and India and thereafter the whole world into the conflict.

The `Endgame` for this insane agenda, is a One World Global Communitarian[4] State, of demonic proportions, with a culled and reduced population of micro-chipped slave workers, whose every movement and thought will be monitored by a Big Brother apparatus the like of which even George Orwell could not have imagined.

In the previous part, we examined the aftermath of 9/11 and the carnage being wrought by the `allied` occupation forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Here in this concluding `episode,` we will look at the likely `flashpoints` which could give the Washington `War Hawks` the pretext they need, to launch their `Operation Armageddon,` and finally draw our conclusions accordingly.

For the past two years, all indications have been, that the Islamic Republic Of Iran was next on the Zionist `hitlist, ` so it will be to that ancient land and civilisation which we must now turn our attention.

A Warning to Iran.

The American invasion, occupation, subjugation and destruction of a modern, scientifically and culturally advanced civilization, such as existed in Iraq, is only the prelude to what the people of Iran can expect if the US-Zionist `hawks` in Obama's regime decide that the time is right and a military attack is launched. The impending threat to the people of Iran and its cultural and scientific foundations, has been conspicuous by it absence from the narrative among the affluent Iranian student protesters and their US-funded NGO's during their post-election so called `Lipstick Revolution' protests.

They should not forget that in 2004, educated and sophisticated Iraqis in Baghdad consoled themselves with a fatally misplaced optimism that “at least we are not like Afghanistan.” The same elite are now to be found in squalid refugee camps in Syria and Jordan, and their country now resembles Afghanistan, more closely than anywhere else in the Middle East. The chilling promise of President Bush in April 2003 to transform Iraq in the image of “our newly liberated Afghanistan” has been fulfilled, and reports that the US Administration advisers had reviewed the Israeli Mossad policy of selective assassination of Iranian scientists should cause the pro-Western liberal intellectuals of Tehran, to seriously ponder the lesson of the murderous campaign that has virtually eliminated Iraqi scientists and academics during 2006-2007.

The conquest of Iraq has resulted in the destruction of a modern secular republic. The cultural wasteland that remains is controlled by gangsters, swindlers, mercenary thugs posing as `Iraqi officers', tribal and ethnic cultural illiterates and corrupted religious figures. They operate under the guidance and direction of West Point graduates holding `blue-prints for empire', formulated by graduates of the Ivy League Academies on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, eager to serve the interests of American and European multi-national corporations, and ultimately, wittingly or not the Illuminati Agenda.

The Iranian people should take Michael Ledeen[5] at his word, and should be viewing events in neighbouring Iraq with not a little trepidation.

An Arc Of Crisis : Return To Iran.

"Never believe anything until it's officially denied," British writer Claud Cockburn.

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski thought he could use the Iranian government, including the Iranian Shiite mullahs as part of an `Arc` of resistance[6] from Egypt eastward against Soviet expansionism. When `students` supported by Khomeini took over the U.S, Embassy in Tehran, it presented a crisis. However, as Robert Dreyfuss notes:

"Along with the threat from Khomeinism, some U.S. policy makers also saw opportunity...using the Islamic `right` to undermine the Soviet Union in its own empire, deep in Central Asia....The twin Islamic movements in Iran and (Muslim Brotherhood linked organizations like Al Qaeda in) Afghanistan, inspired Brzezinski and Bill Casey (President Reagan's CIA director) to pursue the Islam-in-Asia ('arc-of-Islam') theme aggressively."

Brzezinski developed a plan of financial and other means of support for Afghanistan, hoping to lure the Soviets into involvement in a `quagmire` there, and as history records, the Soviets obliged and invaded in December 1979. After this, Zalmay Khalilzad[6] (former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq), a neo-conservative RAND strategist, wrote a paper explaining "the Khomeini regime also poses risks to the Soviets. The change of regime has encouraged similar movements in Iraq and Afghanistan, and might even affect Soviet Muslim Central Asia."

Perhaps it is useful at this time to remember that according to a map prepared by the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government meeting in London in 1952, when the World Government comes into being, U.S. forces would be patrolling Central Asia (e.g., Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.). Brzezinski at Mikhail Gorbachev's first State of the World Forum in 1995 said:

"We cannot leap into world government through one quick step. A consensual global system requires a process....The precondition for eventual and genuine globalization is progressive regionalization because by that we move toward larger, more stable, more cooperative units."

This is the same strategy proposed by Cecil Rhodes' Association of Helpers member P. E. Corbett in Post-War Worlds (1942) and its fruits can been seen in the EU, NAU and other Superstate projects currently under-way.

Since the Iranian election of June 12th this year, barely a day has passed without mass global media coverage of what has been depicted as another tumultuous event in Iranian history. Elections whose results are challenged as being dubious, have taken place in most countries at one time or another in recent decades. Many countless Americans and with much justification, believe that the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were stolen by the Republicans, and not just inside the voting machines and in the counting process, but prior to the actual voting as well, with numerous Republican Party dirty tricks designed to keep poor and black voters off voting lists or away from polling stations.

That large numbers of people did not take to the streets day after day in protest, as they have in Iran, is not something Americans should be proud of. Perhaps if the CIA, the Agency for International Development (AID), several US government-run radio stations, and various other organizations supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (which was created to serve as a front for the CIA, literally) had been active in the United States, as they have been for years in Iran, major street protests would have taken place in the US.

In 1953, when the CIA overthrew Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh, they paid people to agitate in front of Mossadegh's residence and elsewhere and engage in acts of violence; some pretended to be supporters of Mossadegh while engaging in anti-religious actions. And it worked, very well.

Since the cessation of hostilities following the end of World War II, one US government or another, on behalf of the Illuminati agenda, has seriously intervened in some thirty elections around the world. Adding a new twist this time, the State Department asked `Twitter` to postpone a scheduled maintenance shut-down of its service to keep information flowing from inside Iran, helping to mobilize protesters.

In recent years, the United States has been provocatively patrolling the waters surrounding Iran with warships, halting Iranian ships on the pretext to check for arms shipments to Hamas, or other equally spurious and illegitimate reasons. It has been financing and "educating" Iranian dissidents, used Iranian groups to carry out terrorist attacks inside Iran, kidnapped Iranian diplomats in Iraq, abducted Iranian military personnel from inside Iran, thereafter transporting them to Iraq. It has been spying and recruiting within Iran, and has manipulated Iran's currency and her international financial transactions, and imposed various economic and political sanctions against the country.

By all standards, the United States Government has been conducting a form of warfare against the people of Iran. US President Barack Obama said with a straight face on June 23rd:

"I've made it clear that the United States respects the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and is not at all interfering in Iran's affairs. Some in the Iranian government [have been] accusing the United States and others outside of Iran of instigating protests over the elections. These accusations are patently false and absurd."

In his speech to the Middle East on June 4, President Obama mentioned that "In the middle of the Cold War, the United States played a role in the overthrow of a democratically elected Iranian government." So here we have the president of the United States actually admitting to a previous overthrow of the Iranian government, while the United States is in the very midst of trying to overthrow the current Iranian government. If you can think of a better example of hypocrisy, let me know.

So what is all the fuss about over the Iranian election and street protests anyway? For public consumption at least, the announced winner, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is currently sharing time with Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, as Washington's `public enemy number one.` This `honour` has been `bestowed` for not sufficiently respecting the `Empire` and its Israeli partner-in-crime; indeed, Ahmadinejad is publicly one of the most outspoken critics of US foreign policy in the world. Can anything be that simple though in the grand web of Illuminist machinations?

This `default` response seems to be `built in,` to Washington's world view and the fact that whilst Mousavi,[13] (Ahmadinejad's main opponent in the election and very much supported by the protesters), was prime minister back in 1981-89, he was largely blamed for the attacks on the US embassy and military barracks in Beirut in 1983, which took the lives of more than 200 Americans, and also for the 1988 truck bombing of a US Navy installation in Naples, Italy, that killed five persons.

It simply cannot be, that no one in the Obama administration knows of Mousavi's background?

Despite his anti-American terrorist deeds, and just because he's opposed to Ahmadinejad, Time magazine calls Mousavi a "moderate", and goes on to add: "It has to be assumed that the Iranian presidential election was rigged," offering as much evidence as the Iranian protesters, i.e., none at all. It cannot of course be proven that the Iranian election was totally honest, but the arguments given to support the charge of fraud are not very impressive, such as the much-repeated fact that the results were announced very soon after the polls closed.

For decades in various countries election results have been condemned for being withheld for many hours or days. It was contended that some kind of dishonesty must be going on behind the scenes during the long delay. So now we're asked to believe that a species of dishonesty must be going on, because the results were released so quickly. It should be noted that the ballots listed only one electoral contest, with but four candidates.

Phil Wilayto, American peace activist and author of a book on Iran, has observed:

“Ahmadinejad, himself born into rural poverty, clearly has the support of the poorer classes, especially in the countryside, where nearly half the population lives. Why? In part because he pays attention to them, makes sure they receive some benefits from the government and treats them and their religious views and traditions with respect. Mousavi, on the other hand, the son of an urban merchant, clearly appeals more to the urban middle classes, especially the college-educated youth. This being so, why would anyone be surprised that Ahmadinejad carried the vote by a clear majority? Are there now more yuppies in Iran than poor people?”

Since both Ahmadinejad and Mousavi are members of the establishment, neither is seen as being any threat to the Islamic theocracy, and the election can be seen on the surface at least, as the kind of power struggle you find in virtually every country. But that is not the issue here. The issue is Washington's long-standing goal of regime change. If the exact same electoral outcome had taken place in a country that was an ally of the United States, how much of all the accusatory news coverage and speeches would have taken place?

In fact, the exact same thing did happen in a country that is an ally of the United States, three years ago when Felipe Calderon appeared to have stolen the presidential election in Mexico, and there were daily protests for more than two months; but the American and international condemnation was virtually non-existent compared to what we see today in regard to Iran, where Iranian leaders undertook a recount of a random ten per cent of ballots and recertified Ahmadinejad as the victor.

So what does all of us tell us? Well at least for now, Ahmadinejad is fulfilling his dialectical role as the antithesis to Washington's thesis. As in all the major conflicts, military or political, for at least the past century and a half or so, the Iranian election has been one stage-play in a global drama being played out in the media and educational faculties, whilst the reality of the situation is very different. The recent elections in Iran are almost certainly dialectical, with both thesis ( Ahmadinejad) and antithesis (Mousavi,) either knowingly, which I believe likely, or not, being played off against each other for the benefit of the masses, whilst the Illuminati puppet masters pulling all the strings, seeking to impose their synthesis on the unsuspecting Iranian populace.

That synthesis to be presented in the shape of a less radical liberalising of Iranian society than Mousavi's platform, yet more so than anything Ahmadinejad might have offered, and more to the point, moving an Islamic society ever closer the point where western secular influences can begin to rot away at the heart, body and soul of Iranian life from within, thereby weakening the nation viewed as the `West's` most formidable adversary in any `Clash of Civilisations, ` with Islam.

One thing's for certain; The sticky fingers of the CIA are in there somewhere, along with their `playmates` Mossad, working to undermine and subvert Iranian Society from within, whilst the `war hawks` in Washington make their preparations for the Zionist invasion of Persia and the probable spark which ignites WWIII.

The Grand Chess-Game: Central Asia, The Caucasus And The Encirclement Of Russia.

The outcome of the recent six grim days of bloodshed in the Caucasus has triggered an outpouring of the most appalling hypocrisy from western politicians and their bought and paid for media. As the `Chatterers` waxed indignation against Russian imperialism and brutal dis-proportionality, former US vice-president `Big Dick` Cheney, faithfully supported by the UK's Gordon Brown and David Miliband, declared that "Russian aggression must not go unanswered". George Bush denounced Russia for having "invaded a sovereign neighbouring state" and threatening "a democratic government". Such an action, he insisted, "is unacceptable in the 21st century".

Could these by any chance be the leaders of the same governments that in 2003, invaded and occupied , the sovereign states of Afghanistan and Iraq on false pretences at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives? Or even the two governments that blocked a ceasefire in the summer of 2006 as Israel pulverized Lebanon's infrastructure and killed more than a thousand civilians in retaliation for the capture or killing of five soldiers?

You'd be hard pressed to recall after all the fury over Russian aggression that it was actually Georgia that began the war in the first place, with an all-out attack on South Ossetia, supposedly to "restore constitutional order" – or put another way, establish its rule over an area it has not controlled since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Nor, were there, amid the outrage at Russian bombardments, more than the very briefest of references to the atrocities committed by Georgian forces against citizens it claims as its own in South Ossetia's capital Tskhinvali.

Several hundred civilians along with Russian soldiers operating under a 1990s peace agreement, were killed there by Georgian troops during the offensive; "I saw a Georgian soldier throw a grenade into a basement full of women and children," one Tskhinvali resident, Saramat Tskhovredov, told reporters.

Both the current Georgian president, Mikheil Saakashvili, and his predecessor, came to power in western-backed coup d'Etats, the most recent having been labelled the `Rose Revolution.` Saakashvili was then initially rubber-stamped into office with 96% of the vote before establishing what the International Crisis Group recently described as an "increasingly authoritarian" government, violently cracking down on all opposition dissent and the independent media last November.

It now seems that the term `Democratic` infers nothing more, than establishing a regime's "pro-western" credentials in these cases.

The long-running dispute over South Ossetia - as well as Abkhazia, the other contested region of Georgia - is the inevitable consequence of the breakup of the Soviet Union. As in the case of Yugoslavia, minorities who were happy enough to live on either side of an internal boundary that made little difference to their lives, feel quite differently when they find themselves on the wrong side of an international state border.

Problems such as these would be problematic enough to settle through negotiation in any circumstances, but when one adds to the cooking `pot` the determined and forcible US promotion of Georgia as being a pro-western, anti-Russian forward base in the region, along with its efforts to bring Georgia into NATO, the routing of a key Caspian oil pipeline through its territory aimed at weakening Russia's control of energy supplies, and the US-sponsored recognition of the independence of Kosovo - whose status Russia had explicitly linked to that of South Ossetia and Abkhazia - and conflict was inevitable.

The CIA has in fact been closely involved in Georgia since the Soviet collapse. But during the Bush administration, Georgia became a fully fledged US satellite; its forces are armed and trained by the US and Israel, and it has the third-largest military contingent in Iraq - hence the US need to airlift 800 of them back to fight the Russians during the Ossetia clash.

Saakashvili's links with the neo-conservatives in Washington are particularly close: the lobbying firm headed by former US Republican candidate John McCain's top foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, has been paid nearly $900,000 by the Georgian government since 2004.

But underlying the conflict has also been the US administration's wider, explicit determination to enforce American global hegemony and prevent any regional challenge, particularly from a resurgent Russia. That aim was first spelled out when Cheney was defence secretary under Bush's father, but its full impact has only been felt as Russia has begun to recover from the disintegration of the 1990s.

Over the past decade, NATO's relentless eastward expansion has brought the western military alliance hard up against Russia's borders and deep into former Soviet territory. American military bases have spread across eastern Europe and central Asia, as the US has helped install one anti-Russian client government after another, through a series of CIA sponsored revolutions. Now the Obama administration is preparing to site a missile defence system in eastern Europe, transparently targeted at Russia.

By any sensible reckoning, this is not a story of Russian aggression, but of US imperial expansion and a ever tighter encirclement of Russia by a potentially hostile power. That a stronger Russia has now used what happened in South Ossetia in order to put a check on that expansion, should hardly come as a surprise. It is not difficult to deduce why Saakashvili launched the attack; of course, he was being `egged on` by his `Warhawk,` friends in Washington.The plan however spectacularly backfired, at tragic human cost.

In spite of the US regime's attempts at `tough talk,` the war also exposed the limits of US power in the region. As long as Georgia's independence is respected - best protected by opting for neutrality - that should be no bad thing. American unipolar domination of the world has squeezed the space for genuine self-determination and the return of some counterweight in the form of a resurgent Russia has to be welcomed.

But the process of adjustment also brings huge dangers. If Georgia had been a member of NATO, this conflict would have risked a far sharper escalation. That would be even more obvious in the case of Ukraine - which recently gave a warning of the potential for future confrontation when its pro-western president threatened to restrict the movement of Russian ships in and out of their Crimean base in Sevastopol.

As `super power` conflict returns after a long absence, South Ossetia is only a taste of things to come in Brzezinski's Grand Chess game of `Who's Going To Rule The World.`

The Zionist Factor.

Zionism is both alien and illegitimate in origin. It is a hegemonist and nationalist project rooted and nourished on what could be called the imperialist impulse towards expansion and domination. The founding fathers of the Zionist adventure were not believers in Judaism, not even in its distorted, rabbinical form: they were in essence pragmatists and Kabbalists who exploited the Judaic heritage as a means to achieve their nationalistic goals. All this, moreover, was done within the broader context of Western strategic hopes for the destabilizing and enfeebling of the Islamic world.

Because Zionism's progenitors were European in their training and mental orientation, and members of the same secret societies, they did not find it difficult to reach an understanding with Western politicians, exploiting their own financial power through their extensive and committed Diaspora, until the Zionist agenda became subsumed under the more general objectives of nineteenth-century European imperialism. The idea of inserting an alien polity into the very heart of the Islamic world, which would exhaust its resources and obstruct any attempt at reforging Muslim unity, proved immediately appealing to European policy-makers in thrall to a Luciferian agenda, and served well the new Western orientation which was ostensibly materialistic, secular, and obsessed with the idea of territorial expansion.

The Centrality Of The Palestine Issue.

It could be said that Palestine and its people have provided the Zionists and Neo Imperialists with a `prototype` model for what we are now seeing in Afghanistan and Iraq, and unless the `Hawks` in the US are either unseated, which is unlikely, or suddenly develop hearts and consciences, which is even more so, then we can reasonably expect similar hostile action in Iran and again in the Caucasus in the foreseeable future.

So Zionism though nationalist in theory can also be seen to be imperialist and malevolent in its practical application.

It can further be perceived as being hostile to every element rooted in ethical and religious principles. It both represents and serves the new existential ethos which transforms the human race into 'marketing' and 'geopolitical' units, which can be deployed, rewarded or punished by the `Hidden Powers` that be, who are accountable to no-one save themselves.

Zionism then, nurtured by and in turn nurturing this global pseudo-secular civilization, represents a secular onslaught on the very heart of Islamic civilisation. The Islamic project, by contrast, is its polar opposite, representing perhaps, the last great hope that human civilization can be rescued from the worship of the Luciferian credo, being foisted incrementally on the global population in the shape of the erroneous political doctrine known as democracy.

To speak of saving Palestine from the Zionists is to speak simultaneously of one's hope for a worldwide liberation. The Palestinian `cause' does not signify the simple reconquest of a patch of territory occupied by aggressors. It is not even about peace and war; Its implications go much further. For to strike at Zionism in Palestine is to strike at the Luciferian enemy in its new citadel, which it has constructed at the centre of the world, in the very heart of the Muslim nation, in a land which has always been of unlimited strategic and spiritual fecundity. The `West,` as a civilization, seems set to extend its influence into the heartland of the Islamic World,` all the better to destroy the surviving traces of spiritual resistance which have remained intact there, and finally to obliterate man's remaining hopes for the rebirth of a civilization which is qualitative and humane, rather than quantitative and perversely malevolent.

Once more we are caught in the pernicious, suffocating and deadly embrace of the Hegelian Dialectic.

The reality is that the Zionist project, being violent, aggressive, and secular, is formidable in its potency. Its power can only be exhausted by mobilizing the resources of those people around the world who have identified the malevolence which stalks our planet and are willing to join in solidarity with the entire Muslim nation in its efforts to resist the monster in our midst.

These resources I speak of are not merely of a military nature; they extend also to worlds as disparate as thought, art and economics. They are also, and pre-eminently, spiritual: demanding a return to the principles of renunciation, repentance, piety, reliance on God, yearning for the ultimate meeting with Him, the spirit of Islamic fraternity, selflessness, and the certainty that the final victory shall go to God and all believers. No project undertaken on this tremendous scale can be 'regional,' or 'Palestinian,' or Arab.' It is far broader. It represents nothing less than a struggle which is at once cultural, Islamic, Christian and Judaic in its pure form. We must, therefore, light the fires of longing, resistance, and sacrifice everywhere on earth. For Palestine will not be retrieved until there is struggle against oppression in all its forms throughout the world.

Lucifer, The Rothschilds And The House Of Zion.

In the ancient world, it was said that all roads lead to Rome. Nowadays, no matter where one turns whilst in the process of investigating the One World Conspiracy, the same can be said of the Rothschilds[8]. Inevitably, their name crops up, and equally inevitably when it does so, the slur of `Anti Semite` is applied to the researcher involved. But the Rothschilds are not Semitic and what's more, neither are they Judaic either!

The Rothschild relationship with the Jews is deceptive. The family stance is publicly "pro-Jewish", and they have given abundant charity to Jewish causes. But their support of the Jewish people has, in most cases, been used for the sole purpose of controlling and profiting from the Jew's misfortune. The Rothschilds have often been called, the `Royal Family` of the Jews. Many leading Rothschilds have been dubbed "King of the Jews". But what kind of Judaism do the Rothschilds support? Do they support the orthodox Jews who believe in the Old Testament and are waiting for the return of the messiah? No.

Do they support Messianic Jews who believe Jesus Christ was the messiah who came to save all men? No. The Rothschilds support those Jews who have fallen prey to the deceptive gnostic and occultic teachings of Cabalism, who in turn promote the Illuminati controlled Zionist movement. Not all Zionists are part of the conspiracy, but their leaders are, and the ultimate leaders of the Zionists have been the Rothschilds. I am disappointed by some researchers, who automatically coin the conspiracy a "Jewish" one.

Recently, I was assailed by one fellow researcher following an article I had penned regarding the pornography industry. “It's The Jews Stupid,” said he, and no amount of documented evidence to the contrary would alter his stance. He is not alone in this assertion that all the world's ills can be attributed to JEWS.

This unfortunate stumbling block pollutes the otherwise excellent work of such people, causing it to be just as misleading as the information `spewed` out by the mass media. These researchers seem blinded by the fact that the conspiracy has abused and manipulated the Jewish race more than any other group in the history of the world. The Jewish hierarchy has sat back and allowed the attack on, and control of, the Jewish masses for the furtherance of the Luciferian. There are people who call themselves "Christians" involved in the conspiracy, and at the same token there are people who call themselves "Jews" who are also playing their part in its machinations. To call the conspiracy "Jewish" is ignorant.

Having read at length the work of Fritz Springmeier, Henry Makow and David Livingstone, it is clear that the Rothschilds are participators in Cabalism, Jewish Sabbatism, and or Frankism, all of which are involved in witchcraft. This belief is strengthened by the Rothschild’s use of the occultic Seal of Solomon as a family symbol. The city in which the Rothschilds originated, Frankfurt, was deeply `anti-Semitic,` and hostile to Jews*[7] See Note.

The first principle of the House of Rothschild was to amass wealth, and the liberation of the Jewish people from oppressive restrictions contributed indirectly to this end, since it would facilitate intercourse with the rest of the world, and thereby increase the possibility of financial gain, which in turn would serve to increase its power.

The `Father's of Israel.`

During the Rothschild's funded slaughter that was the Crimean War, the small Jewish community in Jerusalem found itself isolated from all outside support. This resulted in near starvation. The first Baron Edmond de Rothschild's father James, set up the James Mayer de Rothschild Hospital in Jerusalem in response to this problem. Edmond took over his father's interest in Palestine. When the Russian Jews fled the Czar’s pogroms in the 1880’s Edmond began to finance the Russian Jew’s attempts to establish colonies in Palestine, It is clear that he was an advocate of Zionism, his charities were not only aiding the persecuted, but were promoting the concept of a return the "homeland".

The man who set up the first Zionist Congress was Theodor Herzl. He attempted to get the support for his plans to "restore the Jewish state" from the Rothschilds but many members of the family were opposed to Zionism. Although Edmond supported Herzl’s cause, he felt that the plan should not be implemented to soon, and should rather be accomplished by stealth. He was further concerned that Herzl would annex for himself Rothschild power and influence over the slowly forming Jewish state.

The Baron continued to support his own colonies and though Herzl was socially supported because his ideas facilitated Rothschild power in Palestine, he was not allowed to implement his plans. The Baron was in affect a dictator who expected the colonists to obey him without question.

Following his death, Herzl was succeeded as President of World Zionism by David Wolffsohn and thereafter by Otto Warburg. In 1914 Edmond travelled to Palestine where he was hailed as the "prince returning to his people". Later the Baron Rothschild told Weizmann: "Without me Zionism would not have succeeded, but without Zionism my work would have been struck to death."

The next Rothschild to embrace Zionism was - Lionel Walter, the second Lord Rothschild. The Balfour declaration, which declared England’s support of the creation of a Jewish homeland, was addressed to Lord Rothschild II. Lord Rothschild also received the documents of support from the League of Nations. Charles T. Russell, founder of the Watchtower Society, sent a letter to Lord Rothschild praising his work towards the establishment of a Jewish homeland.

Among its other calculated aims, a further purpose of the Illuminati orchestrated First World War, was to cause the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, in order to free the land of Palestine from its grasp, thereby leading to the creation of the Zionist state of Israel. After Prime Minister of England, Lord Asquith, was deposed in 1916, because he had opposed Zionist interests, David Lloyd George, whose career was made as a lawyer for the World Zionist Organization, as well as Winston Churchill and Arthur Balfour of the Round Table, were placed in power.

Present at the first official meeting of the Political Committee were Lord Rothschild, James de Rothschild, the son of Edmund de Rothschild of Paris, former owner of Rothschild colonies in Palestine, and Sir Mark Sykes. There, the future mandates of Palestine, Armenia, Mesopotamia, and Arabia, then still forming parts of the Ottoman Empire, were discussed in detail.

The Hegelian Dialectic- A Rational For Genocide.

After the cessation of hostilities in 1918, Britain ruled Palestine, and the Rothschilds ruled Britain. Also, a bulk of unpaid debts to the Rothschilds by the failed Ottoman Empire gave the family even more control over Palestine. Then came Hitler. According to Walter Langer, a psychoanalyst who wrote the book `THE MIND OF ADOLF HITLER,` the demonic German leader was a grandson of a Rothschild. Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler was Johann Georg Hiedler. At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back to her home ... where Alois was born."

It is believed that Hitler (who was a creation of the Luciferians) attacked Austria first, in order to destroy the Austrian records that proved his Jewish ancestry. As Hitler’s demonic onslaught on the Jews progressed, one would imagine that the Zionists would come to the rescue and offer Palestine as a safe haven. Not so. Many European countries shut their doors to the Jews, including the Palestine colonies.

The Zionist controlled immigration laws in Palestine were very strict and it was near impossible to escape to the Jewish homeland. In fact, the Zionists themselves refused to acknowledge what was happening to Jews in Europe. Hitler forced the Jews to wear the six-pointed star as a sign of shame. It was this same symbol that the Rothschilds were named after and the same symbol that the Zionists promoted as a symbol of Jewish national identity. Do you see the contradiction? Jewish author OJ. Graham wrote in `The Six Pointed Star:`

"Not all the concentration camp victims were Jewish people. Many were Christians. Spiritually, a parallel can be seen in the rituals to Ashteroth[9] and Moloch[10], where the victims were burned as sacrifices to these false gods. Were the victims of the Nazis someone’s sacrificial offerings?"

I believe they were! Remember the six-pointed star was the symbol of Moloch and Ashteroth.

Furthermore, those who deny the holocaust, deny a Problem Reaction Solution scenario on a Satanic scale. Anyone who carefully researches the` Modus Operandi` of the Illuminists will conclude that the slaughter of the Jews during that dire period in World History is completely in character with how they operate and makes perfect sense from a Luciferian point of view.

Cui Bono? Who benefits. They do: Israel, The UN, the slur of `Anti Semite` to quell opposition and promote Jewish victim status, etc. etc.

Few Jews unfortunately will tolerate any discussion on this subject. After World War II, the U.N., spurred on by the Illuminati created horrors against the Jews, granted Israel its statehood. Weizmann was the first president of Israel’s Knesset (which was built with Rothschild money). The occultic hexagram is on the Knesset, and is also displayed on the Jewish flag.

In his expose of the Rothschilds Dynasty, Fritz Springmeier wrote:

"...the six-pointed star [had] made its way from Egyptian pagan rituals of worship, to the goddess Ashteroth and Moloch, to King Solomon when he went into idolatry," says, Graham. "Then it progressed through the magic arts, witchcraft [including Arab magicians, Druids, witches and Satanists], astrology (in which It was no new thing), through the Cabala to Isaac Luria, a Cabalist, in the 16th century, to Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changed his name to this symbol, to Zionism, to the Knesset of the new State of Israel, to the flag of Israel and Its medical organization equivalent to the Red Cross."

So what is the ultimate goal of Zionism?

David Ben-Gurion, a Zionist leader, tells us:

"With the exception of the U.S.S.R. as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an International police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents."

Simply stated, Zionism (with Rothschild support) promotes a New World Order. The Rothschild control of Israel is immense. The Luciferian Rothschilds completely dominate Israel. They help Lucifer's Empire control the world’s resources, the world’s nations and the world’s religions. They are an institution in the conspiracy and if one looks carefully, the path of their destructive reign can be followed through the history of the past three centuries.

The Nexus Of Evil - The Road To Armageddon Or A One World Utopian Control Zone.

What follows is based on current trends as they unfold and on an understanding of the policy objectives of the Luciferian elite. This hypothesis is not unique to myself and is only one of several possible `doomsday` scenarios generally agreed upon by most if not all serious students of the New World Order.

A Nation's borders are ultimately defined by its military competence. All of the U.N. edicts and conventions are meaningless without the ability to enforce its will militarily upon recalcitrant nations. It is likely that the E.U. super-state will acquire its necessary army through incremental-ism, sometimes referred to as the `ratchet` system since there is no mechanism in place to repeal E.U. laws. The monumental geo-political restructuring needed however, to bring all nations under a world army will require something quite spectacular.

Think-tanks, university grants and bribes are not enough to bring about global government. The league of Nations and the United Nations were forged from the heat of the first and second world wars. Global government will be the fall-out from World War III. There is a three pronged strategy being played out, masquerading as the Global War on Terror. Firstly, America's super-power status will be destroyed.

This will partly be achieved in carrying out the second tactic which is to bring uncooperative nations, especially those in the Middle East, under U.N. control. America's military might will be exhausted by invading Third World nations and setting up U.N. protectorates. Thirdly, threatened or actual conflict between nuclear powers will persuade all nations to surrender their military power to the U.N. thereby permanently relinquishing their sovereignty.

This is why the West has given nuclear technology to North Korea and China. At this point, before hundreds of cities are annihilated, there will be an emergency U.N. conference. The agreement reached will be to surrender control over all weapons of mass destruction to a U.N. agency. The submission of all conventional armed forces to U.N command will follow. Eventually all military forces will be U.N. 'Peace Keeping' forces, whose purpose is to enforce the U.N. hegemony over rogue states.

If this sounds a little fantastic, consider this: NATO exercises for enforcing U.N. embargoes on breakaway states have already begun. The first exercise of NATO'S Response Force took place between 11th and 26th September 2003 in Galloway, Scotland. This was a 'crisis response' operation called 'Exercise Northern Lights' in which the mission was enforcing a U.N. arms embargo on a recently formed country.

A second exercise took place in Turkey on 20th November 2003. According to the NATO website, "the forces rescued and evacuated the U.N. staff and civilians, established an embargo, engaged in counter-terrorist operations and a show of force".

Like American and European politicians, the Russians and Chinese oligarchs are happy to play their part in this farce because they also dream of international governance. Former party bosses are happy to assume the new role of 'World Controllers' in the eastern regions of the Brave New World. The neo-Liberal/Conservative (Communitarian) government in the Whitehouse, like almost all previous administrations, is 100% committed to the globalist plan to destroy the independence of the U.S.. Once completed, the Donald Rumsfeld-initiated NATO Response Force will put the boot behind the imperial decrees the `Death Star` wishes to impose on rebel colonies.

The policy of weakening the U.S. military really began in earnest under Bush Sr. during the first Gulf War. 300,000 of the 700,000 troops deployed in that conflict are now seriously ill with Gulf War Illness. They are being denied cheap and effective medical care for no apparent reason.

Former Consultant to the Defence Department, Dr Garth Nicolson, estimates that at least 25,000 have died since the war ended. The others face permanent disability and destitution. Major Doug Rokke was the U.S. Army's depleted uranium project director in 1994-95 who has since campaigned tirelessly to expose the devastating health effects of DU munitions.

The report he has obtained from the U.S. Veterans Administration states that by August 2004, it had awarded permanent disability compensation to almost 280,000 U.S. troops who served in the Gulf region between August 1990 and May 2004.
Meanwhile, the Veterans Administration refuses to acknowledge that there is a Gulf War Illness, preferring to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder.

The cause of Gulf War Illness is multi-faceted, invariably linked to depleted uranium munitions, experimental vaccinations and exposure to chemical and biological weapons. All of these factors lead back to the Western military-industrial complex controlled by the elite, whose ultimate goal is to destroy America militarily and economically. The troops who served in the first Gulf War have almost all been cycled out of the military, so the poor new recruits currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan know little or nothing of their appalling fate. The policy seems to be to give troops a limited operational lifespan, after which they are killed or incapacitated to make way for the next round of cannon fodder. Meanwhile hundreds of billions of dollars are being bled from U.S. taxpayers to finance this destruction. As George Orwell concluded in 1984:

“War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking into the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable...”

Conclusion – A Righteous Alliance.

It has by now, been well enough documented, that the doom laden events occurring worldwide were planned long ago, and that the `blueprint` for global conquest outlined by Albert Pike appears well on course for realisation. In this series of articles, I have tried to show how through an alliance of intellect and money, the former inevitably in the service of the latter, the dark forces of Magic in the form of the Illuminati and their co conspirators, have captured all the positions of power throughout the nations of the world and are intent on driving humanity to the point of no return. But does it have to be that way?

The Hegelian Dialectic is literally killing us. It is the means by which we are manipulated to do their murder and their bidding. We are divided and conquered because of it. It is only by stepping out from their Dialectical Trap that we can hope to foil their plans, and finally rid the world of a malevolent force which has haunted mankind since the dawn of time.

As I have written in this article, for the Illuminati, the means to achieving their `ends` is a fomented clash between the West and Islam sometime in the the near future. That is the main theme of Samuel Huntington's thesis of the `Clash of Civilisations.` But the truth is that there should be no question of any such clash between Islam and Western civilisation, because the Judeo-Christian belief that forms the basis of Western civilisation, is in actuality in complete harmony and alliance with Islam, not in conflict with it. It is in the Luciferian Creed of the Illuminati one finds the conflict!

As people who believe in right over wrong, good over evil, and those who love God and follow His revelations, let us all rally to a common formula - `faith.` When all good people, be they Muslim, Christian or Jew, rally together in this way; when they understand that they are friends not enemies, when they see that the real enemy is the Luciferian Illuminati, then the world will become a very different place. The fighting that has raged for ages, enmities, fears - and the `false flag` terrorist attacks on innocent people- will then come to an end, and a new civilization based on love, respect and peace can be established upon this `common formula.`

However, achieving this goal depends on our identifying the methods used by our enemies to manipulate and control us; namely, the Hegelian formula, and thereafter the promoting of secularism, thereby bringing about a decline in religious morality and decency. Once we understand this, we can begin eradicating their ideological basis. The fact that the law of the strong, which is the Satanic model, prevails throughout the world, is wholly responsible for our fraught situation, for this attitude is as a virulent contagion, and engenders a social model based only upon self-interest.

Even more seriously, it has replaced acceptance, love, sympathy, compassion, and cooperation with conflict, greed, and dispute. This is not man's intrinsic nature, but the result of a perverse and intensive programmed way of thinking and being, which only serves the Luciferian cause, whilst at the same time aiding our own spiritual impoverishment and material enslavement.

In the present environment of hardship and troubles, sincere Jews, Christians, and Muslims must be even more accepting, conciliatory, complementary, and respectful of each other. They should not forget that unity, togetherness, and cooperation will bring success, and that dispute, argument, and conflict bring nothing but division and weakness, rendering our divided efforts ineffectual in the face of the menace which confronts us. The current situation demands the immediate formation of such an alliance.

The Illuminati know full well that at the root of all wars, conflicts, and all forms of corruption lies man's distancing himself from the true religious moral values, and this in itself explains why they have spent so much time, money and effort in defaming and de-constructing true belief.

Historically, the perverse interpretations of certain insincere individuals working on behalf of the malevolent force, allegedly in the name of a religion, have influenced the mass of people who had insufficient knowledge of the true religious ethic. And this has caused them to commit acts that were totally inappropriate in terms of said religious ethic. The solidarity of believers gains ever greater importance in the face of people who believe in the necessity of solving disagreements and problems by violent means, and those who routinely persecute people with oppressive and despotic implementations.

Every Christian, Muslim or Jewish believer, and all those who have understanding, are obliged to do his or her utmost to struggle and strive to end the `blight` on the lives of humanity caused by the Nexus Of Evil. It is right for those who believe in God, who try to gain His approval, who have surrendered to Him, whose hearts are bound to Him, who praise Him, and who essentially defend the same values, to act in partnership. Sincere believers should and must unite in order to live according to the moral values of their maker, and to unseat from his throne, the dark `Lord` of disaster and carnage, so that for the first time in all of history, men and women can live the lives meant for them by God, and not the lives perverted for them by Lucifer.

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5] (See also Part 8 in this series)


*Note: The term Anti Semite implies one is anti Semitic. The vast majority of `Jews` (97%) today originate in Khazaria, not Palestine. In fact, the true Semites are to found in the Arab peoples of the Arabian Peninsula.



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