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DK Ultra : Constructing The Mind Control State.

By Philip Jones 3rd October 2008.

“The Mass Mind Control of a population can be defined as the sophisticated exercise of control by utilising the ability to keep people oppressed yet contented." The Tavistock Institute For Human Relations 1954.

The Hive:

Visiting Denmark and living in Denmark are two totally different states of mind. To the visitor, it is indeed a green and pleasant land. Small and tidy with an apparently happy and welcoming populace. One overlooks the small things, the little irritants and peculiarities because one is on `vacation.`

It is when one lives permanently there that those same `small things,` `little irritants` and peculiarities start to beg questions. Why is it that the majority of Danes are all so alike? They dress alike, cut their hair alike, walk alike and talk alike. They use the same phrases time and again, eat the same food, enjoy the same leisure pursuits and live almost copycat lives, with little or no variation on the theme. I accept that this is a sweeping generalisation, but believe it to be valid all the same. There are of course exceptions and to those brave individuals, I give my respect and admiration. How or why they `slipped through the net` escapes me. But they are in the minority in every sense of the word, and this indeed adds to their splendour.

Every country and people have their national characteristic’s but in Denmark it goes beyond this, because again and I stress here that I am referring to the majority of Danes, the population is phobic-ally conformist and has a profound and deep mistrust of all things and influences of a foreign origin. For those who watched the US TV Series, `Star Trek The Next Generation`, the collectivist and robotic alien force known as the `Borg` bears comparison, albeit one which admittedly is rather extreme. (Quite a coincidence actually `Borg` being a Danish word). Did Gene Roddenberry know more than he was letting on?

Danes display a `Hive` mentality, clinging to each other ever closer as the outside world closes in, rupturing their manufactured and protected isolation, and they hold tight to their Queen Bee, the Welfare State, with which they have an almost metaphysical attachment. In this Essay, I will present an hypothesis based on my own research, observations and experiences both actual and circumstantial, and the research of others operating in the same arena which I believe will show that the intentional Mind Programming of the Danish people has been under-way since the end of WWII.

The Model Totalitarians:

The vindication of two of the twentieth century’s great prophets of doom is at this time of global fracture perversely fascinating. We humans love to prove ourselves imperfect and flawed. The two pessimistic visionaries of the future of which I speak are of course George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Their respective doom laden obituaries of the future have already passed into folklore; These two classic nightmares of what very likely awaits us, are Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Huxley's Brave New World.. Straddling the War years between 1939 and 1945 , these books have already shown that they were written with the apparent gift of prophecy.

Both envisaged a world in which the advance of science produced a new type of ruling class with powers hitherto not possible. Both scripted the final subservience of human beings to a revolutionary hybrid of technological manipulators and political managers. Both works predict a similar end, but it appears that the tenets of a Brave New World model have been applied here in Denmark where Huxley's novel is required reading on many adult education courses. Whereas Nineteen Eighty-Four which describes the logical conclusion of a Marxist Socialist dictatorship, or more correctly in the twenty first century a Communitarian one, has been adopted in those countries where the population is more likely to revolt and rebel against the encroachment of tyranny, such as in the US, France and the UK and some of the former eastern bloc countries now enmeshed in the EU Fascist State.

The New Totalitarians:

There was no reason why the `New Totalitarianism` which had been chosen by the conspiratorial manipulators should resemble the old model of coercive government , which is demonstrably inefficient, and in an age of advanced technology unnecessary, particularly in a relatively controlled environment such as Denmark In his book, Huxley describes perfectly the `Architect’s` goal.

He writes:

“ A really efficient totalitarian state would be the one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.“

For anyone not born and bred in this land, and in possession of a reasonable level of awareness, I am fairly sure they will recognise the parallels with Denmark as it is today. So how was this state of acquiescence to be achieved? Huxley answered this question himself:

“ Brave New World depends on economic security; without it, the love of servitude is impossible.”

And in this, we find the foundations of the 'New Danish Model of Totalitarianism.'

Denmark solved the problem of permanent security and abolished it in the main, along with the more obvious modes of social inequality, many years ago. She has been helped in this by a century and a half of relative peace and isolation and until very recently neutrality, and by being small and easily governed. Economic security by itself does not necessarily engender a love of servitude. Other conditions are a prerequisite; On the side of the controllers, a thorough understanding of the interaction between economics and power; and on the side of the controlled, an inert submission to authority and reverence for the expert. And in both cases, an aversion to individuality, an instinct for the collective, identification with and the a worship of the State, and a preference for government by bureaucrat. Denmark fulfils the above and them some. Danes do love their work!

Programming The Masses:

At this point, it is useful to take a break from Huxley’s vision of the future and take a brief look at Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four`. The Danes have demonstrated the power of that form of semantic manipulation Orwell called `Newspeak` i.e. the changing of words to mean something else. For example, whereas in English, to say to someone you believe them to be special or fine is very positive and complimentary. In Danish, both take on negative connotations. `Special` becomes peculiar and `Fine` implies “you think you’re better than us“ . In this way, human thought can be directed, and undesirable concepts eliminated, because the means of expressing them have been removed.

As researcher Michael Bailey wrote:

“In this reality, language is the highway of how we communicate our thoughts. The gradual and intentional erosion of the vocabulary by those who wish to control us, removes the possibility of any undesirable ideas, as without the words to formulate those ideas, we cannot begin to even think them.”

In the Danish language, freedom' does not yet, as it does in Orwell's `Ministry of Truth`, imply any form of 'slavery', but it does imply an element of 'submission' to the Collective or Hive, and effectively, a powerful word in the vocabulary of any opposition has therefore been effectively neutralized. Similarly, it is exceedingly difficult to speak in any but favourable terms of the State, because all the words in that field have become positively loaded in the same manner as `special` and `fine` have been negatively so.

So how does a Conspiratorial State Apparatus, programme a whole nation of people into a condition of accepted servitude and conformity? Through State Education, the merged State/Corporate Media, the advocating and promotion of immune system damaging vaccines and drugs such as anti depressants used to clinically adjust non conformist behaviour, along with the purposeful adding of poisons into the food and drink manufacturing process which, `dumb down` and disconnect people from their ability to think for themselves. Add to this the promotion of deviant sexual practices, pornography and erroneous ideologies such as feminism and you have yourselves a cocktail guaranteed to bewilder and mesmerise a population into thinking exactly what you want them too and behaving accordingly.

As I have stated above, my contention is that Denmark and the Danes along with the other Nordic countries have been used as a Test Zone for the mass programming of whole populations. A laboratory experiment conducted to test and try out those systems to be introduced on a pan continental scale sometime in the near future. If one wanted to conduct such an experiment, certain conditions would be desirable. Like any worthwhile research site, a level of isolation and insulation is essential. The number of subject specimens needs to be large and varied enough to allow the project validity, but not so large that the possibility of losing control becomes a factor. The subject specimens themselves must have character traits found commonly from within and outside the `target zone`, yet be malleable enough to allow for sudden and unexpected changes to the programme, and as an essential, lacking completely any tendency to rebelliousness and non conformity.

Denmark certainly fulfils the criteria above and can be said to fall within the remit of the described possible scenario. It is located at the northern tip of Europe and has a tradition of relative isolationism. It has a small and compliant population due to many decades of imposed socialist dogma, and a history of bureaucratic government. It has along with Norway and Sweden been historically regarded as being on the very fringe of European Culture and therefore generally of little interest to the `mainstream of European life. But most perfectly, and up until very recently, it has been, and to a large extent still is, highly homogeneous.

Added to this was the presence of an `on site` local cultural phenomenon:

The Jantelov:

In Denmark, the `plotters and planners ` realised that the foundations of Mass Mind Control had been in place for at least a century or so, in the form of the unwritten code known as the Jantelov. The Jante Law is the Nordic version of the `tall poppy` syndrome. It was named and described by the Danish author Aksel Sandemose in his novel `A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks` circa 1933, where he writes about the small fictional northern town of `Jante,` which is modelled upon and typical of all small Danish (and probably Norwegian and Swedish) communities at the beginning of the 20th century, where anonymity is impossible. There are ten basic tenets in this `law`, but they are all variations on this one single theme;
“Don't think you're anyone special or that you're better than us.“

Those who do not keep to this 'law' and behave in accordance with it, are regarded with suspicion and hostility. Sandemose added an eleventh rule, which he formulated as a question; “Do you think I don't know anything about you“? This is the implied threat of censure, that others in the community will know something about those who dare to transgress, which can be later used against them. The rules are not only applied outwardly; Danes apply them equally and instinctively towards themselves. This means that the rules of this Jante Law create a state of arrested individuality where one does not wish nor dare to be either too high above or too far below others socially and economically.

With this rather pernicious and degrading subculture already in place, it was no coincidence and also somewhat convenient (for the conspirators that is) that the social engineers and their Illuminati backers and bankers decided upon Denmark and the other Nordic countries as the location of what can only be termed a `Mass Mind Control Experiment`.


Education is one of the `Holy Cows` of the Danish Welfare system, and it took me a while to work out how and why a State would finance and support the continued educating of not only the very gifted far into their twenties, but as experience as a guest lecturer at Odense University in the 1990’s showed me, the quite average also. Furthermore, the `push and shove` technique used to drag adult people back into education via the VUC programme similarly mystified me. What was it all about? Social equality? I don’t think so.

The introduction of State-controlled education whether in Denmark or elsewhere in the `West` was not, nor is at the controlling level, intended to educate at all. The last thing a dictator wants is a truly educated, independent minded and intelligent population. It was, and is, the means to universally indoctrinate a life-long sense of reality which conforms to that model desired by the State and Hidden manipulators.

For their intended society, the Danish planners required a type of person that, thinking collectively and suppressing his individuality in favour of the group, is technologically orientated, and socially well adjusted. To this end, the educational system was profoundly altered during the 1950s and 1960s. From imparting knowledge, its aim was changed to that of guiding social behaviour.

As Alistair Crowley correctly intimated, if the State Education ruse was to be successful, it would need to be aimed at children of a young and suggestible age. In Brave New World written in the early 1930s. Huxley described a society of total control in which children were brought up in communal nurseries, conditioned from birth to accept what the State told them to do.

Like laboratory rats, children were electro-shocked if they did anything unacceptable to the programming. One scene has babies crawling towards pictures of flowers and birds only to be shocked because the State didn’t want them to like nature. A form of this is going on right across society today as people are punished through various means for not acting in ways acceptable to the State and rewarded when they play the game as demanded.

The children in Brave New World are brainwashed even when they sleep with subliminal messages turning them into insatiable consumers to drive the engine of industrial production as indeed they are in only slightly more subtle ways today. At the heart of this child control was to remove children from the influence of their parents.

In the UK and increasingly mirrored elsewhere throughout the EU it is the plan to impose rules on the teaching of `social and group interaction skills` to three year olds. This is has the Orwellian/Huxleyan title of `The Early Years Foundation Stage.` This is the most overt and blatant example yet of the State removing a child at the earliest practicable age, from it’s parents influence in order to indoctrinate it, whilst still at it’s most impressionable stage of development.

In Denmark the routine `farming out of infants` by working parents has been practised for the past three decades at least, in the form of the `Vuggestue` and Kindergarten‘s. Every morning across Denmark, thousands of parents unwittingly and voluntarily deliver up their `innocents` into the hands of the State. Wherever you look across the EU, this program of early indoctrination can be seen to either be in place, or about to be installed. Whereas for example in the UK, this `brainwashing for beginners` is still in it’s literal infancy, in Denmark and the other Nordic lands, it is an accepted part of the `culture.`

Alistair Crowley, the Arch Satanist, Freemason and British Spy put it this way:

“Get them by eight, or it’s too late.”

This is the point! The earlier the process starts the more effective and consolidated the effects will be. Enter ˜The Early Years Foundation Stage” and its teaching of `communication, language and literacy` to infants together with ˜knowledge and understanding of the world`. The play years of such children is vital to their balanced development because it awakens their right brain, the creative and artistic aspects of themselves. The `Right Brain` improvises and goes with the moment while the left brain wants structure and systems. All around us, we see structure and systems. Coincidence?

In his book, `The New Totalitarians` the author Roland Huntford, when writing about the Swedish educational model explained: 'Education is one of the most important agents for changing society. It has been integrated into the scheme for change, and its purpose is to turn out the correct kind of person for the new society. The new school rejects individuality, and teaches children to collaborate with others. It rejects competition, and teaches cooperation. Children are taught to work in groups. They solve problems together; not alone. The basic idea is that they are considered primarily as members of society, and individuality is discouraged. They want to produce people who are integrated into society. It aims to produce a well adjusted, good member of society. It teaches people to respect the consensus, and not sabotage it. In the schools, the emphasis lies heavily on the collective.”

In other words the aim is to produce Human Robots who look, think and act alike and in conformity to the required social norms, and refrain entirely from questioning and or challenging the regime. To this end, in Denmark, the programme has been entirely successful as any form of individuality or eccentricity is not only discouraged but becomes the object of a `silent threat` of ostracism by one’s fellows. This causes a certain level of `brain drain` as the more individual and exceptional, unable to function as they would wish in Denmark find other lands in which they can do so. Worse still, when one considers the comprehensive social security net, is the surprising level of suicide, not only in Denmark, but throughout the northern lands. Not surprisingly, many of those resorting to this tragic form of escape are the very gifted, individualistic and eccentric.

In Denmark as well as most if not all other western nations we are witnessing a relentless centralisation of all aspects of society and State Education is no exception. This move towards the centre is considered vital where the indoctrination of children is concerned. He who thinks the same can be controlled the same. One blueprint, one mind, one reality.

100% Dansk : The Danish Mass Media As Agents Of Conformity:

In the post war years, the `thinkers` of the Frankfurt School, now established in America were `recruited by the OSS, forerunners of the CIA and organised by British Intelligence in connection with the Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations, the premier Illuminati `Front` for Global Mind Control both then and now. Theodore Adorno, ` a music professor, and senior member of the `Frankfurt School` was commissioned to research the effects of manipulated radio, television, popular music, movies and advertising on the US population. The findings of this project and the application of the results are primarily responsible for the massively damaged collective psyche of people living in western societies and the `mind washing` of children whose parents have abdicated responsibility for their raising to a conspiratorial state together with a `screen` in the corner of the living room.

If one takes one’s impression of Denmark solely by viewing its mass media, the country appears to all intents and purposes to be run by a `tolerant dictatorship`. Press, Radio and TV show a remarkable similarity, as if guided by some Ministry of Propaganda. Criticism of the government there may be, but it is almost exclusively confined to administrative trivialities, and covered by the formula: 'First you decide on your goals, and then you discuss the means. There is no other discussion.' Almost never is there questioning of political fundamentals, or critical examination of the institutions of the State. All the media seem to be of one mind, advocating the same consensus, professing the same slogans, always, it seems, following the convolution of some party line. They give the impression of existing, not to question authority, but to avoid disturbing the public peace of mind; not to criticize, but to indoctrinate with a certain point of view.

In Denmark, blind belief in the state has allowed unrivalled possibilities in the `programming` of the population through sophisticated and some not so sophisticated means. One of the more obvious and least sophisticated of these is the universal and propagandised message that `Danish is Best` coupled with a peculiarly localised form of nationalism which is currently being exacerbated by the Danish People’s Party and it’s open hostility to all non Danes which now borders on the xenophobic.

This `Hive` mentality is inculcated via a Corporate Media Mafia in collusion with the state, and run overwhelmingly by Bilderbergers like Merete Eldrup and Fleming Rose of the Politiken/Jyllandsposten group of Newspapers, responsible for the mass hysteria caused by their now infamous and outrageous drawings of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). In itself this calculated ruse to further alienate the Danish people from their Muslim immigrants, was in itself pure mass mind control and manipulation. It achieved all it’s aims and more. It consolidated the already marked siege mentality in the host population. It exacerbated the feelings of being unwanted guests in the country in the Muslim Diaspora, and inflamed Western/Islamic relations around the globe causing massive and sometimes violent anti west demonstrations in the Muslim World, thereby giving credence to the ever more bogus US led war on `terror`.. In effect, the cartoons were a mind control coup on the Danish population in particular and the world in general.

Like in all other western countries today, Danes are bombarded almost 24/7 by images on television which dictate their view of their country and the world around them. As all avenues of information save the internet (for now) are further centralised into fewer and fewer hands, the opportunity for the intensive and coordinated `e-programming` of the population has never been greater. Television presents to us a view of reality which is obscenely false and in most cases perversely so. It’s relentless depictions of extreme violence and loveless recreational sex are intended to immunise the viewer to all the horrors awaiting them come the day of the `New World Order.` All the old and traditional values are brutally trashed each and every evening in movies and TV soaps where the lust for sensation is incessant. Men who should be awakening to the realities of the Global Police State falling down around them and their families, are instead sat glaring at the wide-screen in the corner as if in a trance, watching sport and horror movies.

Television News lies blatantly from the mouths of well groomed and generally attractive dummies who repeat the lies on air each day without ever questioning as to whether what they are transmitting is actual. The newspapers reinforce this deceit the following morning and the mass of sleep walkers on their way to their chosen place of servitude inhale the neatly packaged blandly written deceptions without pausing for thought at all. Then on their way home, they turn on the car radio, or place the headphones over their ears and listen to mindless pop music which unbeknown to them contains subliminal lyrics and trigger words in the same way that television programmes and advertisements are routinely displayed via almost undetectable subliminal messaging throughout the whole viewing spectrum.

Although it is true to say that in Denmark the use of mass mind control techniques via the popular media might be on a reduced scale in comparison to the USA for example. When combined with the highly advanced and sophisticated mind programming of the State Education system and the almost universal acceptance of the Jantelov as a way of life, then the effects are in many regards spectacularly more successful.

Clearly Broadcasting is a medium of indoctrination. In Denmark, it has two main aims; To persuade Danes that they live in the best of all possible worlds, and to condition them to the ideology of the sitting government. To induce a nation to believe that it enjoys the happiest lot on earth is an elementary device to secure compliance with a government and forestall criticism. In reporting from abroad, the Danish news media are concerned, not so much to show how other people live, but to illuminate the superiority of all things Danish. They concentrate on the defects of foreign countries, drawing comparisons to the advantages of Denmark. The viewer is invited to see how badly off people are everywhere else and to consider how fortunate he is. The press and periodicals take the same line.

It is not only that the Dane is told that he has the highest standard of living, and the best social security, but that he really is superior in all things, most particularly in politics and culture. An article on child care in France, published by a Danish women's magazine, seemed to have no other purpose but that of serving up a homily on how much better Danes took care of their children. Even travel writing often contains disparaging remarks, in order specifically to draw a moral in praise of Denmark, usually concerned with poverty abroad and prosperity at home. Most nations entertain a high opinion of themselves, but unless their rulers nurse ulterior motives, official media of communication do not normally insist, as a matter of policy, on advertising domestic superiority. Still less do they pursue this aim by denigrating foreign institutions. Simply put, Danes are bewildered into a patriotic sense of false security, which consolidates a sense of `cosy` superiority and belonging on the one hand, whilst enforcing a `bubble mentality` on the other.

The Use Of Mobile Phones, Wireless Broadband And Tetra Communications As Tools Of Mass Mind Control:

"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain." U.S. government mind manipulator, Dr. Jose Delgado, Congressional Record, No. 262E, Vol. 118, 1974.

We live in an age of wireless technology. Everywhere one looks, people are using mobile phones, even children of pre pubescent age can be seen walking down the street totally engrossed in their `new best friend` seemingly oblivious to the world around them. This is exactly the situation the `planners` of the ` Mind Control State ` want. In this, Denmark is no exception.

The masts which relay the microwave signals for mobile phone networks are now so common, few even notice them. But people need to realise that these masts and especially the soon to be introduced Tetra Communications systems, which are already in use in the UK and which will soon be used by the Danish Emergency Services are potential killers and agents of Mass Mind Control.

What we call the military/industrial complex is just that - the fusion of the military and the corporate through which technology developed in the secret projects to advance human control is brought into the public arena by the military supplying a connected corporation with the know-how. This is then sold to the public as a 'breakthrough' discovered by the company itself. The people closest to the Tetra technology will be the police officers and other emergency services that use it every day. Already in countries where Tetra is operational, they are experiencing physical, mental and emotional consequences, including cancer of the oesophagus in numbers way above the international average.

Tetra signals are close to those of human brain frequencies - and this is not a coincidence. It is a designed and coldly calculated measure and a primary reason for the plan to install a network of mobile phone, Tetra, and other systems of electromagnetic communications that operate as one unit to create an electromagnetic mini-matrix to scramble normal brain and DNA function while dictating mental and emotional responses. In the film `Control factor` the character played by Adam Baldwin discovers he is a `programmed human robot` and that nothing about his life is real. He finds himself caught up in a deadly government mind control experiment whereby instructions and orders are passed to him via antenna masts.

In a report relating to the use of Tetra technology, UK Scientist Barrie Trower said in his report for the Police Federation:

"Pulse radiation from TETRA at 17.6 Hz (waves per second) is known to interfere with our natural brains rhythm. Our brains generate their own waves within our head. One of these waves, called beta waves is on a very similar frequency to the TETRA handsets. What happens is: If you could imagine yourself jumping on a trampoline and somebody larger and heavier jumps on and dances at a slightly different speed you will bounce at their pace rather than yours. When they jump off you will still bounce at their speed. The jumping on of the person onto the trampoline is known as entrainment and this occurs when the TETRA is used in close proximity to an officer's brain. Because TETRA affects the beta rhythm of the brain it will affect what the beta rhythm is responsible for; namely sound judgement in emergency situations. Entrainment is always followed by a phenomena called long-term potentiation. This is an analogous to the person getting off the trampoline leaving you dancing. Long-term potentiation has been known to last several weeks after the initial source has died down. The implications for this are that the officers' brain waves would continue to suffer entrainment even after the sets have been switched off, which would be reinforced every time the sets are switched on again.”

Trower writes of the affect on 'sound judgement in emergency situations'. Put another way, the ability to think straight. And it is not only the emergency service workers who can potentially have their thought processes disrupted. So can anyone who comes into contact with the Tetra frequencies. Thousands of Tetra masts are planned to be located throughout the rest of Europe. And their equivalent in North America and elsewhere.

Generation Ritalin X:

In 1995, Denmark's Cooperative Institute for Medical Drug Dependence reported the following withdrawal symptoms from psychotropic drug dependence: “Emotional changes: fear, terror, panic, fear of insanity, failing self-confidence, restlessness, irritability, aggression, an urge to destroy, and, in the worst cases, an urge to kill.”

Psychotic episodes and violent behaviour are also associated with chronic Ritalin abuse. Even the manufacturer warns in its information leaflet, “frank psychotic episodes can occur” with abuse.

The history of violence by teens who have been subjected to psychiatric drugs cannot be ignored. Consider the following examples:

November 20, 1986: Rod Mathews, 14, beat a classmate to death with a bat in the woods near his house in Canton, Massachusetts. Rod was put on Ritalin when he was in third grade.

February 19, 1996: Timmy Becton, 10, grabbed his three-year-old niece as a shield and aimed a shotgun at a sheriff's deputy who accompanied a truant officer to his Florida home. Becton had been taken to a psychiatrist in January to cure his dislike of school and was put on a psychiatric drug, Prozac. His parents said that when the dosage of the drug was increased, Timmy had violent mood swings and that he would “get really angry…”

May 21, 1998: Kip Kinkel, a 15-year-old at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon, murdered his parents and then proceeded to school where he opened fire on students in the cafeteria, killing two and wounding twenty-two. Kinkel had been prescribed both Ritalin and Prozac.

April 16, 1999: Shawn Cooper, a 15-year-old-Sophomore at Notus Junior-Senior High School in Notus, Idaho, was taking Ritalin when he fired two shotgun rounds, narrowly missing students and school staff.

May 20, 1999: T.J. Solomon, a 15-year-old at Heritage High School in Conyers, Ga. was being treated with Ritalin for depression when he opened fire on and wounded six classmates.

A report published by the Danish Lægemiddelstyrelsen states that:

“In Denmark and the other Nordic lands consumption and the number of people treated with antidepressants has been increasing since 1994 and continues to grow strongly. The increase in the consumption of the newer antidepressants is both because there are more people in treatment, but also that larger doses are being prescribed. The most preferred preparation for the treatment of depression in the year 2003 were products containing the substances citalopram and escitalopram.”

This trend is now global in dimension and what is especially concerning is how children are being increasingly prescribed Ritalin and the plethora of other Anti Depressants. Along with Ritalin, other copy-cat drugs have been produced to exploit the obsession, and the calculated agenda, of drugging the young. These include Adderall, Concerta Metadate CD, Ritalin LA, Focalin and Strattera (Atomoxetine). The Bush family-connected Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Giant is heavily involved in this despicable programme of legalised child abuse.. Another drug being given to children is Risperdal, which was used on political prisoners in the Soviet Union to extract information.

David Healy, a leading psycho-pharmacology expert and Professor of Psychiatry at Cardiff University in Wales, said: “People who took [Risperdal] would tell anything to anyone. When you think about giving these drugs to kids, it's a whole new ball game.”

All of these drugs have similar effects to 'speed' and cocaine. These are, of course, illegal and yet drug companies and their cronies, so called 'doctors', are quite legally giving them to children like candy at a Halloween `trick or treat`.

The manufactured `necessity` promoted by the drug cartel in order to trigger this explosion of prescribing Anti Depressant Drugs, particularly to children, is a condition called `Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder` or ADHD. But there is now gathering evidence that these drugs don't even work on the 'condition' they are claiming to treat and there is much expert and experienced opinion that says there is no such thing as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This then makes us wonder, so if they don’t work and the condition is erroneous, what is the agenda behind the prescribing of these drugs in such large quantities to children and adults?

The main purpose of all this is the suppression of both the intellect and the individuals ability to recognise fact from fiction and truth from lies, and to be able to react and respond cognitively to a given situation. This opens up a person, (particularly a child) to a whole world of Mass Mind Control possibilities. The conspiracy for global control is targeting everyone in this regard, but, of course, their prime focus is children and young people because they are going to be the adults when the structure of planned world tyranny is in place. They know, too, that the effect of what they are doing is cumulative and so by the time the young become adults their minds will be `screwed up` to a far greater extent than they are now.

The use of these drugs is part of a concerted war against the population and it is no co-incidence that people have so been targeted with massive electrochemical attacks. These come through the additives in food and drink, together with the effects of the electromagnetic and microwave 'smog`' in which we are now forced to live, by electromagnetic technology, mobile phones, and so on. Research has proved time and again that there is a clear link between food and drink additives and hyperactive behaviour in children. One such research document published in September 2007 came to the below conclusions:

“The behaviour patterns caused by the chemical cocktails found in food and drink included hyperactive and compulsive behaviour, causing the children to become 'boisterous and lose concentration', and not being able to play with one toy or complete a single task.“

Is it pure coincidence that the Pharmaceuticals and their bought and paid for `healthcare professionals` tell us that the symptoms of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that must be treated with Ritalin and the like are:

1) Difficulty concentrating and keeping attention on tasks or play activities.

2) Will not follow instructions and fail to finish school-work, jobs or activities.

3) Easily distracted.

4) Trouble playing or enjoying leisure activities quietly.

5) Hyperactivity..

6) Exhibit impulsive and compulsive behaviour.

The exact same behaviour symptoms of children in an official additives trial and those given these mind-altering drugs like Ritalin for 'behaviour disorder' are the same. No wonder, then, that the astonishing rise in the use of these drugs has followed the astonishing rise in the chemical additives in food and drink - even without the electromagnetic affects on behaviour.

The plan has been to destabilise people physically, mentally and emotionally, weakening their resistance to suggestion via the above cited methods including education, the media and the use of new technology . In order to deal with those who still won't be programmed and who behave and perceive life and situations differently from the herd, they now developed a chemical fail-safe of diagnosing `Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder` and dosing those so diagnosed with these drugs.

What the `system` has done, in full awareness at the `Conspiratorial` level, is to purposely structure society, education, the chemicals in food and drink, etc., to close down vast tracts of the Corpus Callosum to suppress the scale of communication between the hemispheres, while programming the population, especially children, to see life overwhelmingly through the left brain. This is one key reason why science has not understood the nature of life and reality. It is populated by left-brainers who can’t perceive beyond their University indoctrinated reality. Therefore, they are obsessed with, and blinkered by, the realm of the material . It is similarly the case with doctors, teachers, politicians and other `gatekeepers` of the system. They go through the educational mincemeat machine and take their `Mind Controlled` places in positions of power and influence with their right brain under lock and key.

This article/essay although primarily written with Denmark in mind is also applicable to the full compliment of Western Nations in this first decade of the 21st century. But due to the nature, existing culture and character of the people of this small country and the application of a deliberate and sophisticated experiment aimed at the mass indoctrination of it’s entire population, success rates have surpassed elsewhere, where comparable results have only been achieved by utilising coercive force.

With the use of a complex array of ideologies, techniques and `scams`, the Dane has been programmed into a state of illusory reality, delusion, denial and compliance by a conspiracy so devious and diabolical, that when the individual is presented with it, he or she suffers from an automatic response mechanism which creates confusion, refusal to acknowledge the facts and often open hostility to the messenger of those facts. Installed by the above means through a `Welfare State` which under the guise of a cradle to grave security apparatus, has deliberately and with malice aforethought weakened and undermined the Danes ability to think for his/herself by installing a sense of virtual reality in the collective national consciousness.

As I have written above, all the nations of the west have been and are being subjected to programmes intended to produce a similar effect. What makes Denmark in particular and the other Nordic lands generally different is the the people's complete and comprehensively programmed sense of `blind faith` in their respective regimes.

It should be emphasised that there are those in Denmark who since the `False Flag` `Psy Op` of 9/11 are beginning to look through the web of deceit and have begun to extricate themselves from the `HIVE`. One might ask “Where is the harm? Danes seem to have it good compared to many places and the standard of living is still above the average”. But when a whole people either consciously or not `take their eye off their country’s political football` and allow their politicians to step by step, drip by drip, take more and more of their personal decision making away from them and at the same time indoctrinate that populace with a particular dogma and ideology, it becomes only a matter of time before the politicians stop even the democratic charade of asking what the people think and assume complete control over their micromanaged lives, installing the dictatorship in the process.

As the British Journalist Bel Mooney wrote in the London Daily Mail:

"Make no mistake, Totalitarianism creeps up on you. One minute you think you live in a free society and then you turn your back and, hey presto, another little rule, a fresh directive, a sneaky law, an insidious diktat all of them putting up prison bars through which we have to view the world.”

Or to quote Krishnamurti:
“It is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society.”

Sources and further reading:

The New Totalitarians by Roland Huntford.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

1984 by George Orwell* Thanks to Julius for the Alistair Crowley Quote.


  1. Watch and read mohammed T-shirt art from Sweden at,
    Please read in English.

  2. Dear Annonymous,

    Assalama Aleikum.

    The idiot who devised the T-Shirt thing is a mindless moron. Don't imagine that all people here are that way.

    He is disgusting.

    On the other hand, the origin of the website could well be with `agenteurs` of the intelligence services, usig the dialectic to entrap people.

    Either way, God is great, and all will be settled.



  3. Dear Philip,

    Reading your article. Thanks. At least you can get your stuff published.


    Didn't know it was that bad over there; sort of reminds me of the United States.

    And "Borg"????

    Marcus Borg was one of the theologians at the Jesus Seminar (at Notre Dame) that I challenged

    to a debate on the Doctrine of "resurrection" in 1986; and who ignored the challenge.

    But, approximately 11 years later (in 1997) he wrote a book entitled Jesus and Buddha--the Parallel Sayings, in which he stated that the Teaching of Jesus and the Buddha originated in a 'similarity of religious experience'--thus, expropriating my conclusion that Jesus had
    received the revelation of the memories of previous lives, just like the Buddha.

    Michael Cecil

  4. Dear Philip,

    Yes, I remember the Borg from Star Trek as well; but that was the reaction I had when Professor Borg was discovered to be one of the founding members of the Jesus Seminar.

    And sure, it does look much worse over there than it is here.

    So, what do you 'think' would be the effect of striking at the theological foundation of the
    problem of the totalitarian state with the Truth that people will live many, many lives in
    the future and will suffer the consequences of the evils that they have done--through the
    Tetra transmissions, for example--in those future lives?

    Do you 'think' that would make any difference at all?

    This, as I see it, is the unguarded, exposed and vulnerable flank of the totalitarian state's insistence on mind control; something that they are not paying any attention to.

    Does that not suggest the possible success of a sneak attack at the level of religious


  5. Hello Philip,

    I certainly hope everything is well with you. I notice that you have been quite prolific. I'm humbled to admit that you write faster and with more content than I am able to digest. But truly I'm glad for the feast.

    I finally finished your series on Denmark and your supposition that it may be a model state for the pending NWO paradigm certainly rings true. I was notably fascinated by the Jantelov (spelling?) doctrine seems to pervade social interaction there. I read a bit about its origin, having come from a book by Aksel Sandemose about a town called Jante. What I'm curious about is how such an egregiously collectivist, anti-individualist more was adopted so wholeheartedly by the Danish people. How can one book have such a deep effect on the populous as to become a daily norm?

    I am still working on finishing up your articles and will assuredly comment.

    Best Regards,


  6. Nu, da hele sammenhængen er vist, er det let at sige; jeg er helt enig.Det tydeligste bevis af alle, er de CHEM-TRAILS der nu i flere år har hængt på himlen over DK ;de hænger i timevis, i modsætning til alm. jet-fly hvis (forurenende) udstødninger altid opløses på få minutter.De skal gøre os så syge, trætte og forvirrede, at vi ikke gør modstand når nazi-erne tager magten med science-fiction våben ( og fly)fra deres allierede fra "andre" steder. De riges, firmurernes verdenskup; tror de. Men de begår hele tiden fejl(som9/11) og det vil ikke lykkes for dem. Selv nogle danskere kan se at det er "banditter i habitter" - og deres syn på sandheden er så forskellig fra den officielle version, at det gør den fremmed og interessant for dem der bare har oplevet den evindelige kedsomhed ved bare at plapre efter de andre. At se tingene udefra har altid været en god måde at få viden på, vi skulle følge Jones´s opfordring og se om ikke DK også trænger til en objektiv analyse. Med en statsminister der er Illuminati -styret -og en presse der er blind, er de ved at gøre sig selv irrelevante for vælgerne såvelsom for de læsere der vil orienteres om verden; aviser i DK bruger forøvrigt 60.000 træer om dagen! (Svenska frids- och-skiljedomsførenigen om Stockholm som er mindre en KBHVN.)Vi er forlængst flyttet til internettet.!

    Hi Philip! Congratulations again; It is what the danes need to know, to wake up. Very fine article! Impressive amount of oversight and hard-to get -facts.

  7. Kære Philip.

    Super artikel, som kommer vidt omkring!

    Så længe jeg kan huske, blev vi alle steder fra fortalt, at vi boede i verdens bedste land, og at vi intet skulle mangle. Måske var det sådan engang, men alt omkring os lader til at falde fra hinanden. Sundhedssystemet fungerer ikke længere – i hvert fald ikke for dem, der ikke er så heldige at kunne springe behandlingskøen over og tage på privathospital. Skolerne mangler vedligeholdelse. Alt dette til trods for, at vi hver dag bliver forsikret om at vi i Danmark har råd til det hele, og at alt er i sin skønneste orden. Både børn og voksne bliver stressede, for derefter at blive ’behandlet’ med stærkt skadelige medikamenter. Alle isolerer sig i deres egen ’lille hyggelige verden’ og ser voldsfilm uden reelt indhold, bliver indoktrineret af mediernes ’nyhedsformidling’, eller spiller voldelige computerspil. Samtidig ønsker man at imponere naboen, klassekammeraten eller kollegaen med smarte og dyre nyerhvervelser – det er det der giver et ’kick’ – en slags ’erstatning for livet’. Ny Audi, ny mobiltelefon, nyt samtalekøkken (som ingen har tid til at bruge), rejser – alt hvad der kan imponere og give accept. Det gælder om at ’vise overskud’ – uanset om man har det eller ej. Det der så ofres for at kunne få råd til disse ting er tid sammen med familien, tid til fordybelse og socialt samvær med venner. Magthaverne har i sandhed tænkt sig om!

  8. Jeg blev født i 1962. Dengang var det ikke så normalt at man kom i børnehave. Det gjorde jeg heller ikke. Til gengæld var jeg velsignet med gode forældre. En far som arbejdede på fuld tid, og en mor som gik hjemme mens vi var små og senere arbejdede på halv tid, som så var hjemme, når vi børn kom fra skole. Man kunne sagtens have travlt, men så var der som regel hjælp at hente, og tingene blev løst hen ad vejen. Ordet ’stress’ var slet ikke opfundet dengang. Selv om der skulle arbejdes for at få mad på bordet, havde vi noget meget dyrebart: Tid. Tid til at hjælpe, lytte, lege – og nok så vigtigt – kede sig. Kedsomhed tvinger en til kreativitet i stedet for at ’lade sig underholde’ på andres fordummende præmisser.
    Vi var på ingen måde rige. Vi tog ikke på dyre ferier og havde ikke ny bil eller farve-tv. Når noget gik i stykker, kunne vi som regel reparere det selv med få økonomiske midler, og nyt tøj fik vi når behovet var der – ikke for at imponere andre med dyre mærkevarer. Vi fik alt hvad vi havde behov for – inklusiv kærlighed, omsorg, en varm seng, et rent hjem og god mad.

    Tiden er desværre en anden nu. Alt drejer sig om at konsumere, lade sig underholde og ensrette, tjene mere og mere, løbe hurtigere og hurtigere og få stress – eller stressrelaterede sygdomme, som medicinalindustrien kan spinde guld på (og dermed udhule vort offentlige sundhedssystem og gøre det private rigere).
    Og hvad er resultatet: Tomhed, ligegyldighed og depression, som igen prøves kompenseret med større forbrug - alt imens vi bliver bestrålet med electrosmog og spiser Ritalin i lange baner!

    For få år siden hørte jeg i radioen en udsendelse om en familie, som havde gjort op med vort samfundsmønster. Familien havde besluttet at leve et mere nøjsomt liv med færre penge – og dermed materielle goder. Begge forældre havde deltidsarbejde, og derfor kun reelt en årsindtægt. De havde indset, at det der virkelig betød noget for dem, var tid sammen. Radiojournalisten spurgte børnene om de savnede noget. Svaret var et entydigt NEJ. Ganske vist måtte de i mange sammenhænge ’nøjes’ med mindre end kammeraterne, men de følte, at de på andre punkter var væsentlig rigere.

    Jeg glædede mig over at der trods alt var nogen, der havde indset at overdreven konsum, med deraf følgende slaveri er en ond cirkel, som i sig selv ikke gør lykkelig, og at der var nogen der turde leve deres eget liv på egne, og ikke andres præmisser.

    Bare mine tanker…

    De venligste hilsener!

  9. I grew up in a small village in Northumbria, and recognise some, but not all of the aspects of the Jantelaw as being similar to the mentality of people in that village. But I think there's a difference! I was raised to `be all I could be` and to realise my full potential, without thinking I was superior to another or in any way inferior.
    The comparison's with `Brave New World` are not new as Philip has written about this previously. But what I find fascinating here is how the `fallback` on Psychiatric drugs and the other technological elements such as the Tetra and food additives all tie in to what appears to be an interconnected web.
    In Huxley's book, the citizens (not savages)are provided with `soma` a happy drug, which induces a sense of contentment. Could it be that as more Danish citizens begin to realise that things are not quite what they should be, then the ADHT aspect and the drugging of children becomes relevant.
    I have only been to Denmark twice, and indeed it does appear a `Green and pleasant land` as Philip describes. But as a serving Police Officer in London, who is able through years of dealing with the public to get a `feel` of a place and people. It just felt `wrong to me`, Denmark I mean. It's not that I had any bad experiences. Quite the contrary. I actually liked the Danes I met. But if anyone over there has ever seen the 1960' TV series, `The Prisoner` that is the kind of thing I mean. On the surface, it all looks so perfect. But I felt that hidden amongst the `cosy` contentment was a fear which is hard to describe. And yes, it is true, Danes do tend to look alike, and say the same things where evry one goes, and an evening out at a Danish home, wonderfully hospitable as it can be is basically the same wherever you go. In the seven weeks I have spent there, I got a strong sense of `As long as you conform` eveything will be okay, but step out of line and life's will become difficult.
    The next step has to be a book Philip. But who's going to publish it?
    See you soon; Crystal
    PS. The UK is not quite the same, because of the diversity of population, but the evil ones are using the George Orwell boot stamping on the face model instead.

  10. Philip
    Thank you so very much for your excellent articulation of a complex situation. Your analysis deconstructs the lie so perfectly and artfully, you have much reason to be proud of your excellent use of discriminating intelligence. I honor your quest for the truth that leads you. I believe I understand what you are saying and I add that, since the dramatization of victimhood as a political (and personal) weapon is unmatched in its effectiveness and is everywhere evident as the weapon of choice, along with debt masquerading as currency, the urgent responsibility for us all is to overcome our tendency to emotionally disassociate from life, dramatize victimhood, and empower tyrants. This is true spiritual practice Machiavelli was right, you must corrupt and confuse the people because virtue will revolt.

    Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for the incredibly useful context your understanding articulates.

  11. Hi Phillip,

    Thanks for your awareness-raising article. One more piece to the NWO globalist drive for world tyranny that will eventually run out of steam as more people catch on:


  12. Very interesting what you are going through there (a bit like me but in reverse since I live and work in Tokyo--the most polluted city in the world!)

    Anyway, Maybe I should come to DK and help you out since I am American/Danish. They might listen to one of their own beating them over the head with English. My Grandfather was 100% Danish.

    I worked in Sweden for a few years and speak Swedish somewhat badly but it is better than my Danish.

    Denmark suffers from the same disease that the UK does--zionist have destroyed the place and control the media utterly. V. Sad. I was very bored when I lived in Sweden (working with RCA records and touring Scandinavia) and thought the Swedish women did their part--along with the vodka; happily I moved to London. Looking back, we did go to Copenhagen to try and cut a deal--I just argued with the Danes the whole time and it was the only country we could not agree on a distribution contract for the album!! Fits right!!


  13. I don't think I'd disagree with anything you've written, I believe you're spot on.
    I should say (so you've got some idea about me) I'm 43 English and have been married 23 years and we have two fantastic sons aged 21 & 18 respectively. I work for a major pharmaceutical company in Kent and we live in Sandwich about 15 miles from Dover. I have been to Denmark a number of times through work.
    I have been very influenced by the works of George Orwell, and the Novel "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley (both spookily accurate) and recognised some of what I saw in Denmark. I have also been able to see the transition of our own society into a police state over the last few years, although like other countries this has speeded up since 911. Reading your article has been both informative and at times downright depressing, although it's good to see that you're not alone in you're concerns so to speak :-)

  14. I do recall a page carefully showing how the orginal Danish newspaper that published the 8 cartoons wa actually owned by A New York neocon owned newspaper. Whiter house conduit thing. And just before the cartoons were 'created' the editor or somebody visited head office in new York. The article was very specific.
    Also numerous fake arabs got into the act. There were a number of outraged Imams travelling around the middle east showing the cartoons on any TV station who would listen. Strangely the number of cartoons grew to number almost twenty on Arab TV.
    In england a sinister underground organisation is subverting the whole UK government and thus the people. Called 'Common Purpose'. Tavistock, trotskyist Its on the videos bottom of rense .com
    Their aim is to break the spirit of British people to make them to surrender to forces they cant fight. Absorbing lecture it is. And sinister. Police Chiefs advocating racial intermixing being more important than crime or car accidents is being reported by numerous journalists.
    Seems to be happening in Denmark too.
    Good luck
    Steve in Sydney

  15. Hej Philip

    Tak for din artikl, det var bestemt interessant læsning, og jeg kan kun sige at jeg er helt enig med de synspunkter der bliver lagt frem.
    Helt klart spændende...

  16. Phil…I read your article on Rense about Denmark, so came here to leave a comment.
    Those beginning grumblings on their social system is true to what people do best. Rebel. It’s our human way of making sure the species continues in a sane way. Doesn’t surprise me.
    It’s also inevitable about the suicide rate. I agree that we humans who have nothing to live for and are not allowed to create will eventually end up in an early grave.
    Yep. Sad but true.

  17. Good article.
    You are absolutely right about Danish people. They are so asleep and in a dream world. I had the same feeling in France really. Now I have just concluded that it is more or less the same everywhere. More than you think. The agenda of controlling minds is far ahead in France than Denmark in some areas. You mean Denmark is a playground and testing place. Again I will go further with the idea. Many tests are taking place or already working in different countries. As we are all "sheep" to them, France, UK, Asia make no difference to the "elite". They are playing with us on every single earth ground available and at every level and corners of our society. Every bit of the world is their target. In France they do it this way, in DK that way and so on, then "they" harvest their experiences and lo and behold it is then becoming a global law through the EU or others corporations of hell!
    Keep writing and keep explaining to us the real reality of this world. I have a feeling that some danes are becoming so frustrated and meeting such violent mind exhaustion that the timing is right for us to come forward. BUT as well the timing is very right for the agenda to be imposed. Do you understand me there?
    There is now a kind of "empty space" created by - maybe "them" willingly - that is around. I feel it. It is a weak place, you know, just before they can fully reveal themselves with no restrain. They are aware of it - the weak spot - The mind has to be destroyed before you can take over to the fullest. That is where we are. A dangerous place for them - risking to loose it all - and they will. A dangerous spot for humankind but at the same time a free zone to reconnect with our true selves. They are scared to death if I might say so!

  18. Thank you for this Philip - The Huxley and the Orwell really are the two poles describing what is happening and I found your analysis of how the systems are applied to varying degrees in different countries spot on.
    Throw in 'A Clockwork Orange' too - the ultra violence has certainly occurred in Britain, and Burgess worked for British intelligence, was linked to CIA mind controlled experiments and knew what he was about. The net effect of both the novel and the film (with it's distorted Carlos Williams's soundtrack and pop-art direction by the - to me - downright sick and evil minded Critics' Favourite Stanley Kubrick) was to help echo and expand the spiral of violence, not act as a warning (teenage males love the film and do not see it as a 'moral allegory' and all that tosh). In Britain now we have 4 million spy cameras, a militarised police force, the highest level of personal surveillance in Europe - combined with a psychotic level of violent crime and prisons so full that violent offenders are released early or never sent down in the first place. Not, of course, accidental - the massive armed police presence in the wake of the 7/7 bombings made London feel safer then it had done for years.

  19. Jette Møller Ibsen16 August 2009 at 21:09

    Kære Philip
    Ja, desværre har du nok ret. Mine medborgere har al for stor tillid til regering, medicinalindustri, læger og lærere. Det er deprimerende læsning

  20. Excellent article Philip!
    I can only nod in agreement, having lived here most of my life.
    Luckily I was spared the social conditioning until i was about 7, thats when "Paradise was lost" for me.
    Im disgusted by a state, that takes away peoples children, often on a far too scimpy basis, and does not return them ever.
    Im disgusted by pedagogues and teachers, that promote "politically correct"(term first coined by Lenins minister of education) "environmental awareness" and "Global consciousness" on minor children, that should be playing and living in innocence within the smaller circle.
    People have a right to home teach their own kids, but try to do it, and see what happens.

    A few comments, and trying to expand on some of the themes:
    Sandemose himself was said to have been quite "jantelike" towards his own children.
    So, "naming the devil" does not mean you are free from his power.
    Did Huxley work for Tavistock?
    Was Orwell working for MI5 or so?
    They would have inside knowledge to base their works upon.
    I love their books, they reveal a lot.

    But, in another sense, they can been seen as "paving the way".
    Based on sources that study the masonic orders and so, the way "they" think might be:
    "We have revealed our methods, you do not act, therefore, the responsibility lies with YOU not US"
    "So, you object to our filling your media with propaganda crap? Well, turn of the boom tube, we arent forcing you, are we?"
    "You will be the scapegoat, not us."

    That hive mentality is also pretty strong in Germany, elsewhere too?
    I have been told that this north european psyche, and the basis for the welfare state model, came about as a consequence of the Black Plague, which had a profound effect on our society, a "revolution" none the less.
    Could the plague have been engineered too?
    I cannot presently find any good online source for this, but i know they are out there.
    But "UFO" like apparitions on the sky were observed, often just before an outbreak of the plague.
    In Stockholm, there is a publicly displayed plaque, in memory of just such an event.
    This could mean that social engineering has been going on for a long time (of course), and that some things lead into very mysterious territories.

    Concerning the mobile net and EM mind control: There has been installed equipment in some church towers in Copenhagen (some about 15 years ago).
    Officially they are "lightning rods".
    Unofficially they are definitely something else.
    What, i dont know.

    "Theres something rotten in the State of Denmark"

  21. Hi Satyren,
    Always great to read your feedback. I always learn something from it. Huxley was definitley one of them. No doubt at all. I'm not sure about Orwell, but take your point. I have never read that he was `connected`. Here's something for you. Shakespear never wrote squat. All the works of the bard were probably if not ceratinly that of Sir Francis Bacon. One of the original English Rosicrucians, good Buddy of John Dee and likely bastard son of El-lizard-birth I. Shakespear could barely write. But there is something rotten indeed here. What's worse, so it is everywhere else too. Thanks again for taking the time. Look forward to next time. PS. I appreciate your kind words.

  22. Satyren, was it really Lenin's Minister of Education that first used the term Politically Correct? I would like to know that - what a giveaway!
    I have to say, I think Orwell and Huxley were both on the side of the Angels. Orwell put his life on the line for his beliefs and one should really read his 'Essays' to get the grasp of this deeply wise man.
    I would recommend people especially read 'Brave New World Revisited' - factual and more interesting than the original.

  23. Assalama Aleikum.
    DK Ultra: What a title ! I have written before that I once lived in DK for some years. Forgetting completely the fact that I am a Muslim, and accepting that what I write here is with an open heart and no malice. It cannot be argued that Denmark, Norway and Sweden are the most indoctrnated societies I have every come across, and I have travelled widely. The homogeny of thought is stifling and suffocates anyone who does not or will not behave in the expected uniform manner. This article should be sent to every newspaper in Denmark and read to every child in school and on the VUC courses throughout the country. It is a seminal work and Philip, it is now time to write your book. You don't have time to wait. 2012 approaches and afterwards, nothing will ever be the same again. Your message might be unpopular at first, but Danes are not stupid and for evey ten who scoff at what you are saying, there will be one who will think for a moment, look around and say `YES`. It has been too long my brother, but we shall be together soon Inshallah.


  24. Henrik Ibsen, a Norwegian author that Huntford has written about, said something like this;
    that if you take the 'life lie' away from one person, then you also take that person's life in a way as well.
    Does that make any sense?
    I mean, I used to believe that Scandinavia was really the place to be....heaven on earth and so on.
    Now, however, I'm not so damn sure.


  25. Denmark is not what it is seen on TV - this is only propaganda. The truth is found out on the internet.Yes, Danish people are very difficult to deal with.Stupid danish people trust and believe everything what it is saying on TV. Idiots!

  26. Thanks for the positive feedback Philip!
    Im happy if i can contribute.
    You are wellcome for a cup of tea or mead.

    Guy: About Lenins minister and PCness.
    Found it somewhere on the internet, it stuck in my mind. So far as i know its true.
    As for the level of information in the major news papers, its kinda semi moronic reading, but i guess all in here already know that.

    Steve: about the cartoon crisis: as i understand it, those were "neo-danish" immams.
    They were accepted within the danish orthodox moslem community, of which i know some.
    Could be they were so fundamentalistically "righteous", that they wouldnt stand a chance in the middle east?
    Showing fake pics, and then claiming that they were only operating with "+plus+ sales tax", shows how moronic these black priests were.
    And yes, i bet someone else has been laughing their head of at these dummies, as they served their own purposes well, perhaps at the laughing wall?

    Are you sure Huxley was "one of them" Philip?
    I do appreciate a lot of his writings.
    But whos pure anyway?

    There are some who point out a rosicrucian connection with Luther, but i dont know.
    Luther, he was so pissed over the jews, who had promised him they would join a reformed christian church, but then didnt, that he wrote "of the jews and their lies" in later years.
    It served excellently as inspiration for Goebbels, the former cardinal wannabe.
    The fat monk who denigrateted the peasants, was probably also used as a tool, as he cognized when he met the Devil.
    Thanks to Luther, we had a wave of witch burnings here in the north, second to none of what the inquisition did, and here in Denmark, we had a king Christian IV, that burned witches as a hobby, and even got a noble woman burned, indeed a great royal accomplishment?
    And of course "Arbeit macht frei" a very lutheran motto.
    Albrecht Duerer mocked Luther, being a truly noble artist.

    Shakespeare is Francis Bacon?
    I thought he was "one of them"?
    And then John Dee, the original 007, her majestys spy at the court of Rudolf?
    Enochian magic, Crowley 666, Jack Parsons, etc.
    I just read that going to the source of a lot of science, John Dee is hardly to be avoided, as a scholar on various topics, astrology, geometry, and so on.

    See how they play the game "left" against "right".
    On the one side we have the more or less illegal drug culture, officially being combatted: Unofficially it keeps the prices up, helps wipe out the competition, and give huge profits to the big guys in Wallstreet, or wherever.
    On the other we have the synthetic drugs, being proscribed by our whiteclad saviours and angels, again furnishing enourmous profits on the big guys in Wallstreet.
    Wheres the real differnce?

    Shouldnt the lies now be so thick, that most people can see through them?
    If given the opportunity?
    Will there be a weak point or moment, where the "off" button on the "Death Star" can be activated?
    Or continue along on the "path of no return", where eventually the construct will self destruct?


  27. Satyren,
    If guilt by assiciation is anything to go by and it usually is, then absolutely. The best-known coordinating-center for the Age of Aquarius project in the U.S.A. today is Palo Alto, California's Stanford Ressearch Institute, whose Willis Harman is the relevant leading personality. See Harman disciple Marilyn Feruguson's 1980 Aquarian Conspiracy for a popular exposition of Harman's views and program for subversion of the United States. Ferguson is accurate when she reports that the Fabian Society's H.G. Wells (World War I boss of British intelligence) is a key figure of the Aquarian Conspiracy. Also key are Wells' ally, Bertrand Russell, and such Russell cronies as Robert M. Hutchins (Chicago University, Ford Foundation, Fund for the Republic, Aspen Institute, and the project).

    Both Margaret Mead and her husband Gregory Bateson were close collaborators of Russell and Hutchins from no later than 1938. The brothers, Aldous (Hollywood) and Julian (UNO) Huxley were collaborators of H. G. Wells, and were recruited to Crowley's Satanist cult during the late 1920s.

    This whole `crew` came out og what we Brits term the `Oxbridge` Set. I have more information on this somewhere, and when I find it, I'll send it over.

    PS. Another Huxley acquaintance was the sixties `Flower Power` Guru Tim Leary who was a known CIA asset and instrumental in the propagation of LSD on US campuses during that strange decade.

  28. Miss Fuzzy Bunny16 August 2009 at 21:15

    Wow, this is beautifully written, and your theories echo so strongly my own suspicions of the Danish mindset.

    I think another apt analogy(and perhaps less scary one) to Danes might also be Hobbits. It's uncanny to see Danish people when they travel, how they gravitate to one another even if they're spending only a weekend break in a city such as London, and their eagerness to return to their sterile little Shire. I've rarely experienced this phenomenon among other nationalities, who more often than not, try to avoid their embarrassing countrymen when on a short break.

    Anyway, I'm glad I found your space. Thank you for writing!

  29. Dear Miss Fuzzy Bunny (very nice).

    We two are indeed kindred spirits. I cannot deny that it pleases me to read that you think my article is `beautifully written`. Very kind words for which I thank you. This is indeed a provincial little country with attutudes to match. I have actually been researching the phenomena you speak of, and those others mentioned in this and other articles I have written, since arriving here back in 1996. Sterile indeed and in more ways than one. This site is one of the best of it's kind and the `webmaster` is a superb researcher and writer. I am very glad he allows me a platform to make my work public in DK. Mostly, I write for in the US but as I live here and generally write about the place, it is good for me to get some exposure here in `the sterile shire` itself. If you wish to correspond my email address is

  30. Phillip, been living in Denmark for nearly 19 years and must echo your astute observations. Sitting back, observing what's going on around me, be it on a train, in a cafe, collecting my son from the vyggestue -it's like watching a science fiction film. But this is the reality and most Danes don't realise they are the actors! My girlfriend is unfortunately too blind to it all - obviously indoctrinated. I worry about my son - he generally seems to laugh more than most kids - probably his dad's incessant British humour. Denmark is also a nation of flags and associations. One of the more worthwhile would be one to to fight this, or at least bring like-minded people together. I for one need to get some of this off my chest.

    Keep up the good work, Phillip. As a earlier poster hinted, when is the book coming? Read quite a few of your articles elsewhere - great defence of David Icke, and a good post on UKColumn. Is CP here in Denmark do you know?

  31. Hi Mate,
    I want you to know how important your comments are to me personally. Like yourself, I too sat and watched the `Movie` for many years not knowing what on earth was going on. How could a people with ostensibly at least so much in common with us be so damned different. I have researched this issue to such an extent, that it had begun to consume me. I'll tell you something else. This article only scratched the surface. There's much more to it, but I am finding that because of my non Danish origin, necessary doors to information are being slammed in my face. I'll get there though. I spent too many years patrolling the streets of London and gained enough experience doing it, to give up now. The first thing for your own state of mind is to realise these truths;

    1) There are thousands like you. You are not alone.

    2) There are very many Danes, and the number is growing (I have seen it for myself) who realise that, as the very insightful Miss Fuzzy Bunny puts it, things in the `Sterile Shire` are not as they should be. And these Danes are simply magnificent. No other word describes them adequately, when one considers that against all the odds, they have `unplugged` or are unpugging themselves from the DK Matrix.

    I know many British men and men of other nationalities who are experiencing similar issues with their children here. At the bottom of this reply, I will provide a link which you will find helpful as an outlet for your angst.

    The Danish flag has always had the same effect as a `swastika` for me. It represents inclusion and exclusion. It's seemingly innocent use at parties etc. is not so innocent at all. It is a tool of mind control in itself. Just as the `Buy Danish` 100% Dansk labels on food is saying `Everything Danish is better than what other people can produce`. Arrogance personified indeed. But it's intention is to segragate all things Dansk from all things which are not dansk. This is how they excercise the micromanagement of the population. By embuing it with a dogma of "The State is us and we are the state". It's actually highly sophisticated and diabloically clever. Much more so that the `Boot on the face model` we are seeing being introduced in our own sad land.

    Ahh the book! Soon I think, but I need more answers to essential questions.

    Common Purpose? Officially no, but let's be honest about this, Denmark is `Common Purpose`. Some years ago, I became involved in a rather civilised discussion with some Danes at a party. There were around twenty of them all saying exactly the same thing. No variation at all. When I pointed this out to them, they became very confused, and then fell silent. Even the phrases they were using were identical, and when they began to realise that there was no substance to their stand, one by one, the now famous "But if you don't like it here, why don't you go home" favourite fallback began to trickle from their by now tightly pinched lips. I asked them if we could just partake in a small experiment. Answer a few questions. Who thinks that Danmark is the `superior` society. All said they did. Who believes that work is philosophically the `meter` with which to gauge one's life achievment. Again unanimous. Who believes that the state and government is working in their best interests. Again unanimous. Even they themselves were shiocked by the level of uniformity. I could go on, but I won't as you have doubtless experienced it yourself. Danes are generally so programmed by education, work, media and the plethora of courses they are sent on (which often contain social modules bearing no relation to the occupational base at all) that an organisation such as CP would at this time be surplus to requirements. It's in Sweden though which surprises me as there's not a world of difference between the two.

    Anyway, if you want to talk, write to me anytime at



  32. Miss Fuzzy Bunny,

    The Hobbit analogy is perfect. Why didn't I think of it myself

  33. Hi Philip!

    Yes, it all adds up.
    Didnt know about H. G. Wells's heavy involvement with the Fabian Society (see their "coat of arms", a wolf in sheeps clothing!), or WW1 intelligence.
    I see a lot of parallels to the La Rouchians views here.
    Learned about Greenpeace as another manipulatory and fraudulent setup from the La Rouche network. Unfortunately his danish disciples seem to be another trained set of monkeys, that parrot the "words of the master".
    Not much independent critical mentation to be found there

  34. Hi Phillip

    Very interesting article you have written.
    My comments are some what late, but I just could not resist the urge.
    Being a Dane myself, with partly foreign roots, and a more international upbringing, I most definitely understand where you’re coming from.
    Denmark is in many ways a extremely conformist country. Danes express this stance as “the consensus culture”. An intrinsic value is consensus; diverging viewpoints are looked upon as causing destruction. “Do not spoil the good mood ”, is a common expression.
    What a lot of educated people praise highly, are good academic manners. This means acting very politely when discussing subjects of grave importance. This is often more important than the substantive issues themselves. It is probably one of the greatest successes of the social engineering programs you have mentioned. Showing “sensitivity” towards tough scientific and social issues, is usually a way of avoiding debate. In the long run, it amounts to pervasive self censorship.
    Your characterisation of Danes as being self absorbed and nationalistic, Is only partially true. The phenomena praised the most, are of a newer date. The story of the “success” of the modern Scandinavian welfare state, is in the minds of most Danes, something to be proud of. Social progressive reform in the twentieth century, paired with socialist ideological indoctrination, are the great national prides. But not many Danes, as goes for many other Europeans, know their national cultural history. History is commonly equated with learning “the great evils and the modernization of the twentieth century”.
    There also exists a culture of self loathing,, which is common in many quarters of academic circles.
    “Danes are so provincial, they need to expand their horizon, and become cosmopolitan citizens of the world”, is a sentiment I have heard expressed a number of times.
    I assume that reactionary provincialism is probably a reaction to forced cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism. Well, you probably cant have it both ways….
    The root cause of this conformist/provincial attitude is tribalism. Danes are ethnically and culturally a tribe. Segregation and conformity is most probably a means of surviving as a tribe. Danes simply equate commitment to the welfare state, with commitment to the tribe. As opposed to other states, For example the US, where allegiance amounts to adhering to common (first amendment) principals.

  35. Jan,

    Thanks for your comments. I thought Kjeld had closed down. Otherwise I would have answered sooner. I take note of your remarks with interest. Well written and considered opinion is always welcome. I see things a little differently in some ways and whilst I do not fully concure with all your conclusions, can see you are a `thinker` and power for you for that. Might I refer you to my page at so that you might have a read of some of my other articles on this and other subjects. Well done and a good 2009 to you

  36. All the reflections posted here reveal true aspects of the Danish situation. But no-one reveals an understanding of the Masonic set-up, the hidden guardianship that is behind developments in Denmark. Especially trade unions, social democracy has been used to wrap up Danes in this order. One can visualize it as a synergy of Super Pluto’s influence and trade union influence. Two diabolical actors on the stage, and they are steered by the same hidden hand.

    And the phenomenon that everyone is equipped with small radios in their heads and thus directly programmed by anonymous political devils, and they are constantly in denial of this reality, this is the estranging element in which they become compromised. Their being, their awareness, is constantly subject to the hidden demagogic hand. And they are constantly in denial of it. Almost violently they deny that there is this snoopy, totalitarian surveillance system. The whole system is a stereotyped version of madness and functions with collusion and connivance among the involved. I see this as an outsider, as someone who has become aware of these spiritually corrupt circumstance by virtue of political chicane attending me everywhere I sent and stayed and evolving over many years.

  37. I can see that these Masonic guardians have created the comfortable paradigms in which Danes and the system can negotiate in this morally crippling environment. So far as my experiences go it is a facile environment for Danes. After all, officially, this utopia doesn’t exist. And the system is so totalitarian that there are never any moral confrontations. In my experience every one is expert in evading this reality and is inclined to become indignant when confronted with it, or they just grin vacuously. Because of special political issues I have over at least 30 years experienced how this system is neatly integrated with sneaky political issues. The system is used by diabolical political operators, always trying to compromise me. The issue is that the Anker Jørgensen regime was instrumental in stealing my manuscript “Of the Nature of Whoredom”. It was this MS that inspired to Henry Kissinger’s China Diplomacy. At the time, as a total outsider I didn’t know what was going on. Sneaky, disingenuous creep was more and more about, trying for clandestine contacts. It seemed criminal to me with that sneaky activity and often I vas very indignant when people in social offices were in collusion with these sneaky creep. And trying to address such problems! This is impossible because they don’t exist, officially. Editorial offices dexterously avoid such issues. Actually, I don’t give a damn that people have this filthy disingenuous belial as a cryptic common denominator, but I resent the attempts to involve me in this squalor.

    The hidden terror that I am constantly subject to here in my flat is a symptom of the political monsters that flourish in this depraved system where spy cameras may exist, but as people are not allowed to use them it follows that there are no molestations from neighboring flats. Actually, the monster system placed me in this flat in the first place. The administrator ignores my registered letters, complaining about this. And Århus Police grin about it. They sent me this Journal No. 1594-16654663, saying that the letters I sent will be stacked in this file.
    Actually, I think that the perfidy my situation is a good example of the estranging, disingenuous, snoopy system that prevails in Denmark. People are wrapped up in the redeeming system and they are in the service of this perfidious system. The pigs with hidden cameras can pry into my private life with hidden cameras and transmit on unofficial TV channels. It is unofficial entertainment. Typically people suddenly crowd around me when I come to the cashier in a supermarket after a transmission. This depraved cult is sneaked in by diabolical political pigs. So far as I can analyse things this began in 1976, and was implemented by the Anker Jørgensen regime and a Frank Oswald from Denmarks Radio. Traditional media whores gape demonstratively when I have written about this and later go to their office to obtain a response.

    These circumstances don’t harmonize with the cosmetic presentation of Denmark. But people seem experts in negotiating such discrepancies. They are sneaked into the diabolical system and entirely comopromised.

  38. I once had a smart friend who managed not only one website,but several.They where divided in two categories;1.Utterly mainstream mimicking all the mesmerising features of hardcore Main Stream.2."Deviant" exposing websites which "revealed" the True Nature of It All.They where also very mesmerising.Than he conducted o phony "war" between the websites and made a substantial income of this phony mindwar.I think the name of my friend was "Goldstein".Anyhow it all was very amusing and also profitable.Concerning the Danes as "Borgs"-you should consider the Swedes!They are the real (Cy)Borgs!They have at least two known "Borgs":1.The tennis-player.2.The "head" of the swedish financial department.