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HIV : Perpetuating The Hoax -Consolidating The Lie.

By Philip Jones 24th September 2008.

Every morning, I spend around an hour perusing the morning papers to see what lies and glaring deceptions those purveyors of modern mythology have come up with. I am rarely disappointed, and this morning was no exception. One of headlines jostling for position on the front pages was this following piece of journalistic twaddle. A thoroughly unresearched and poorly scripted work of `repeatership`.

Let’s take a closer look and then de-construct it for the propagator of dangerous and erroneous myth making it is:

The Headline : “ Millions infected with HIV. Millions of people who inject drugs have HIV, research shows."

The Report: An estimated three million injecting drug users around the world are infected with the Aids virus, a study suggests. Data from 61 countries indicates that almost 16 million people may be injecting themselves with heroin and other drugs. In nine countries, the proportion of HIV-positive injecting drug users (IDUs) among people aged 15 to 64 was more than 40%.

Two countries with exceptionally high rates of HIV-positive injecting drug users were Argentina (49.7%) and Estonia (72.1%). In the UK, 0.39% of 15 to 64-year-olds injected drugs, of whom 2.3% were reported to be HIV positive.

Dr Bradley Mathers, from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and colleagues report the findings in an early online edition of The Lancet medical journal. They wrote:

"We estimate that, worldwide, about three million people who inject drugs might be HIV positive."

The researchers conducted a systematic review of around 11,000 documents detailing information about injecting drug use and HIV infection around the world. Prevalence estimates for drug injecting were available for 61 countries containing 77% of the world's population aged 15 to 64.

The researchers wrote: "Areas of particular concern are countries in south-east Asia, eastern Europe and Latin America, where the prevalence of HIV infection among some sub-populations of people who inject drugs has been reported to be over 40%." - 24.09.2008 08:38.

Right then, from what we read above, the picture relating to `HIV`and drug abuse related infection looks pretty bleak. But wait a minute, how can that be when HIV doesn’t exist, well not in the real world at any rate. In order to understand the monumental scale of this massive conspiracy, it is as ever, necessary to grasp the motives. Once again, we must ask ourselves “Cui Bono` or who benefits.

Adolph Hitler said,
“Tell a lie loud enough and often enough and people will believe it”.

And he should know!!

For millions of people, AIDS/HIV provides them with a livelihood. The Pharmaceutical Giants earn billions off the back of the misery this `industry of death` causes. politicians canvass votes and support, while pop stars and actors ingratiate themselves on an ignorant, naive and uninformed population, earning themselves popularity, prestige and attention. The mainstream media, at the very top, owned and controlled by the same people who own and control the pharmaceutical companies, report this modern mythology as if it were carved in stone.

In his excellent book, `AIDS ; How Could It Happen,` the Danish author and researcher Kjeld Heising writes:

“AIDS first came to light in the late 1970's in New York and San Francisco. It was an internal medical term for the fact that patients had had their immune defence destroyed, leading to certain patterns of complications. It did not take long to identify the cause. Common for these patients was that they were homosexual men, had an extensive consumption of recreational drugs, were heavily promiscuous, got poor food and large quantities of antibiotics. It was soon concluded that this AIDS was a life style disease. The gay community raged and demonstrated.

After Polio had been contained, virologists were left somewhat redundant.. There was at the time no dire medical threat to mankind. With mounting pressure from the `gay` community, these two interests, with support from the medical industry and the political establishment united in a common `cause`. In April 1984, a Virologist, Robert Gallo called a press conference and proclaimed publicly that the probable `cause` of AIDS had been discovered. It had labelled it, `Human Immuno-deficiency Virus` or HIV. It was also announced that a test had been developed by Gallo, which proved the actual presence of the virus in a person.

The test was called , ` Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay` or ELISA. Mr. Gallo himself had been granted the patent on this test, however he later had to share it with the French Luc Montagnier, from whom he had stolen the technique.”

So, the `gays` were ecstatic. Here was proof that AIDS had nothing to do with a Homosexual lifestyle. But the `test` was not so conclusive after all. For one thing, no matter how hard they tried, no other Virologists were able to isolate the `virus`. In actuality, it was nowhere to be found.

Gallo `back pedalled` and came up with the excuse that HIV was in actuality a `Retro Virus`. A leading expert in the field a Dr. Peter Duisberg stated that there were a myriad of these viruses already discovered and not one was harmful. He then declared that he believed Dr. Gallo’s theory unscientific and publicly criticised his research. Dr. Duisberg’s own funding was suddenly cancelled and by the mid eighties, it was apparent that to all that to oppose the HIV/AIDS consensus was professional suicide.

The historical and scientific background to this scam of scams has been expertly covered by many others more qualified than myself. But as a layman, what astounds me once again is the lengths to which the conspirators will go. HIV has never been isolated in a living human being. It is a `phantom` virus. None of the so called tests designed to do so does so, Whether it be Gallo’s ELISA, or the equally erroneous Western Blot and the irrelevant PCR, this `lethal and fatal` supposedly epidemic causing virus is nowhere to be found, except in Gallo’s Laboratory Petri dishes and even then, the findings are suspect.

In fact Kari Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test and Nobel prize winner said of those applying the test to HIV and AIDS, "The PCR can under no circumstance show if there is HIV in blood", and remarked in an interview with documentary producer Gary Null that the whole AIDS project is "unscientific nonsense".

Again, Kjeld Heising writes; “We have been led to believe that HIV causes AIDS and that AIDS is a disease in itself, but it’s not. AIDS is defined as a number of traditional diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, certain cancers and others. In the US, 29 of these traditional diseases are chosen as `AIDS indicators,` in Europe 25 are chosen. Other countries operate with up to 60 diseases. The only condition you need for calling the disease "AIDS" is a positive HIV test. For example, Pneumonia plus a positive HIV test equals AIDS. Pneumonia plus a negative HIV test equals Pneumonia. There is a supplemental indicator called the T-cell count. T-cells are white blood corpuscles, parts of the immune system. One type is called CD4+ cells. They are counted, and if their number is below 200 per micro-liter blood, the immune defence is said to be reduced. Both these definitions are, as you will see, dubious. The HIV test is unreliable - as Dr. Giraldo showed: A scam. And the CD4+ count says nothing about the cause of the reduced defence. Actually, our CD4+ count naturally varies during the day. Lying in the sun brings it to the lower limit, and 200 cells per microliter is about the natural lower limit."

In other words, AIDS is not a disease but an attribute to traditional diseases. An attribute assigned like a drunkard assigns his own alcohol ration: reality is changed until it fits.

Until the mid eighties there was no cure for AIDS, then the Drug Company, Burroughs Welcome came up with AZT or Azidothymidine. It had been constructed in 1964 by Richard Beltz for use as chemotherapy in cancer treatment, but Mr. Beltz realized it was too toxic for human use and declared it should never reach the shelf. It was later called the most dangerously toxic drug ever invented by the pharmaceutical industry.

But with friends in high places, Burroughs Welcome got the drug approved by the FDA and it was soon being marketed as a `life prolonging` treatment for, wait for it; AIDS.

Kjeld Heising says:
“The term is `newspeak.` It's real effects are deadly, not life prolonging. The main effect is a termination of all DNA synthesis in every body cell. It affects the cells most, where the cell replication is most intense. That means in the intestines where food is absorbed by the blood, and in the bone marrow where blood cells are formed. Since our immune system is also formed in the bone marrow, the drug of course destroys our immune defence. In other words: The drug, which is normally called AZT, causes weight loss and muscular atrophy. It opens up for all kind of infectious diseases, causes anaemia and general destruction of the body“.

Since this lethal death dealing cocktail was first introduced, thousands if not tens of thousands have died from it. The whole HIV/AIDS industry is about lies and treachery on a massive scale. It is in reality more to do with Politics and Big Business than medicine or science. The fake ELISA test had supposedly shown that AIDS was not limited to homosexuals and that everybody could get it (the gay community celebrated). But because of it, thousands of people got the stamp "HIV positive". That alone caused many to give up on life. Then AZT finished the job and killed them.

Not everyone swallowed it. In his book, Kjeld Heising tells the story of an American woman, Christine Maggiore who was labelled HIV positive. In the beginning, she believed what the doctors told her; That she could expect her life to end in 6-7 years. She even worked as an AIDS activist spreading information on "how to live with the disease". Then she started to research herself. Slowly, she saw that there might be something wrong with the whole picture. Ultimately, she realized the scam, flushed the drugs down the toilet and started to inform other people on the HIV thing. She started the organisation "Alive and Well", fully in accordance with her own experience. She had been stamped HIV positive, she didn't take the drug and remained alive and well. Thousands of other people have now had the same experience. Many of them started the "therapy", got ill, reversed their decision, flushed the drugs, got well again and are today alive and in perfect health.

Now you can imagine how the drug industry reacted to this. They immediately began pressurizing politicians to counteract this potential financial disaster. Without any alternative source of information available, the politicians turned to the industry-sponsored universities and other research institutions for `expert` advice, and to the very same people to whom AIDS had become a indispensable money machine.

Mandatory HIV Tests for all pregnant women began to be introduced in the early 1990's . Some but not all States in the US adopted the legislation. Since pregnant women react positive to the test, purely because they are pregnant, many of them were diagnosed HIV Positive. They were forced to take the AZT drug and, worst of all, they were forced to give it to their new born babies; all under the threat of either jail time or that their babies would be taken from them.

Since the early 1990's, more States have adopted the legislation. It is today also being introduced through the European Union.

The outlook appears dark indeed and with all avenues of mainstream information covered, and with education and the entertainment industry `whores` in tow, the chances of the truth about this monstrous agenda surfacing are slim.

I have written in previous articles that it seems to me that the one common denominator which connects all the strands of the Global Conspiracy, whether it be social engineering, deviant lifestyles, family planning, vaccine programmes, chem-trail attacks, food manipulation and poisoning, intelligence agency controlled drug running on the streets of our cities, or wars of aggression is :

HIV/AIDS is but another string in the bow of the Illuminati as they seek to depopulate our planet and create a new `Master and Serf` society with them as the undisputed Lords, sitting ever in judgement over a vastly decreased and servile population of slaves.

NB. Kjeld Heising is a Danish Political Commentator and researcher fighting almost alone up here in Northern Europe against a tide of apathy, ignorance and indifference. Please support him by visiting his website at many of his articles are in English.

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  1. More dissent in Denmark please. Great article by the way.
    The "AIDS Inc" video on you tube received over 240,000 hits!

  2. Dear Philip

    Thank you for another excellent article!

    In 2004 I donated money to Unicef to help the victims after the tsunami. Of course, Unicef called me later to persuade me to become a regular sponsor, and I did so. I could decide if I was going to help orphants, or I could support the AIDS campaign in Africa. At that time I wasn’t aware of the AIDS scam, but it was really the orphants I wanted to protect, so that the children were not so likely to fall into the hands of pedophile rings.

    Some weeks later I received at letter that wrongly confirmed that I was now a sponsor of the AIDS programme… I thought to myself, that it was of course a mistake, and assumed that someone else was sponsoring the orphant programme instead of me, so I did nothing, which I regret very much now.

    Without my own knowledge I have – through Unicef, an organisation under the UN – actually sponsored the farmaceutical industry, and paid them very well to kill a lot of malnourished and diseased people, and even worse, many pregnant women.

    A lot of charity is actually doing harm instead of helping. A good example is the Danish ‘Kræftens Bekæmpelse’ who right now are doing a big campaign (aimed directly at our young girls) in favour of the HPV vaccine which they say will prevent cervical cancer – ‘livmoderhalskræft.’ From what I have learned by now, I don’t want to support any charity. Rather I will give the man on the street a coin or two – the only one he can harm is himself.

    I don’t even support the church charity ‘Folkekirkens Nødhjælp’. Not that I think they are directly harming anyone – it’s just because I won’t support any religion either. Religion is, in my opinion, really just another form of suppression, although more subtle.

    Most Danes don’t know about this, and those who do are not likely to leave a comment, but don’t be fooled by that. Danes are waking up too, so just keep up the good work!

    Best regards from a danish mother

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write and sharing your experience and very pertinent assessment of this issue. I addressed the HPV scam in a previous article, but again it all boils down to corruption and greed and an insatiable desire for control and power at the very highest levels, with us, the ordinary folk the victims. I wrote this article as a vehicle for getting Kjeld Heisings research out to a wider audience. Strangely, for once, not one of my usual outlets showed any interest. If I didn't know better, I could begin to think that the Conspiracy Theorists were actively involved in a conspiracy of their own. But of course, that could not be the case. With regard to Charities, the people on the street and in the Charity shops are genuine enough and mean well, but if you take a peek at who's running them, it's hold your nose time. Off the point a little, but the WWF is a prime example of this(and they are into some really serious stuff). I take your point on religion and again agree wih you, with the proviso that it is only at the top of that particular pyramid that there is any knowledge of this agenda. Those at `street level` are as deluded as those they preach to. Regarding Danes waking up, I really hope you're right as I live here and it's a scary thought that unless they do, when the chaos begins, you, Kjeld, myself and a few others are going to pretty isolated otherwise. Again, thanks for your very informative comments. Philip

  4. The so-called HIV tests (ELISA, Western Blot, PCR) are invalid. There are two aspects for a test to work: test validity and test reliability. Test valididty : does the test do what it's supposed to do. Test reliability : is the test when used yield consistent results. A test can not be described as reliable or unreliable until its validity is established. With the so-called HIV tests, this has never been done except by correlation - and if you know your fundamental statistics, correlation does not imply causation. Now if a subject tests "positive" for what are believed to be antibodies for HIV and are then given the so-called ARVs (necleoside analogues and protease inhibitors) they will acquire the symptoms similar and sometimes identical to classical AIDS symptoms. A self fulfillnig prophecy.