Thursday, 23 July 2009


By Pervaiz Jamal on Harun Yahya.

The organization called “The Knight’s Templars”, founded in the Middle Ages in 1119, appeared originally to protect Christians and was officially recognized by the Catholic Church in 1129. However, it was dispersed in 1312 again by the Papacy due to the accusations put forward and its disputable acts. What has remained of the Knight’s Templars came on the scene with its fierce opposing actions against the Church and all other divine religions after that date.

The Knight’sTemplars which were known as the Poor Soldiers of the “Temple of Jesus and Solomon” in Latin, settled in the area of the Solomon’s Masjid and conducted its undercover operations from there. This organization maintains its existence under the name of freemasonry and it is this place that it is carrying on its deviant activities.

As mentioned before, the antichrist system, that is, the purpose of freemasonry is to bring to the entire world the system of destruction and tyranny, which is distant from the faith in Allah (God) and the good moral values. The method the freemasons use in order to realize this is to be able to prevent the religious obligations of pious devout people, to try to cause division between Muslims, Christians and Jews, and to restrain them to live in peace. IN ORDER TO CARRY OUT THIS UGLY OBJECTIVE, THE ANTICHRIST IS SETTLED IN THE REGION WHERE THE SOLOMON’S MASJID IS LOCATED.

Now, freemasons prevent the Muslims, Christians and Jews doing their religious obligations easefully in the Solomon’s Masjid. Freemasons hold this holy region under military and political dominion. Because of this so-called military and political dominion, by way of the prohibitions in the Solomon’s Masjid — the place of religious obligations of the three holy religions —, the religious obligations are restricted in the region.

Many people there, willingly or otherwise, are following the order of the antichrist system, that is the order of the freemasons. And they are doing what they say. The antichrist system dominates over the place of the religious obligations of the three holy religions. Yet, during the period of the Prophet Jesus and Hazrat Mahdi (peace be upon them both), the antichrist system, that is the freemasonry’s opinion system will be demolished by love, compassion, knowledge, good moral values and thus the dominion that this system are trying to rule over the members of the three holy religions will be removed. Thus, the Golden Age, which is the age of salvation, of abundance and affluence, of trust and when the real love prevails, will begin.

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