Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The End Of The Nation States Of Europe.

By Philip Jones May 2008.

“Europe's nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.” Jean Monnet (Founding Father Of The EU).

On June 12th 2008, the fate of nearly 500 million people will be decided by a country whose population totals only 4.2 million. The people of the Republic Of Ireland will be the only `citizens` of the European Union given the opportunity to have their say on what is potentially the most fundamental piece of legislation in the history of the `Old Continent`. All the other member states have simply ignored the wishes of their people and left ratification to be `rubber stamped` by their respective parliaments. However, it is necessary for all twenty seven member states to complete ratification before the `Treaty` becomes legally binding.

So, if the Irish vote is `NO` then the treaty will not be able to be implemented, at least for the present. But, if the Irish people swallow the massive `Pro Treaty` propaganda and vote `Yes`, then the fate of, and inevitable demise of the Nation States of Europe will be sealed. There will be no more serious obstacles left to Federalisation. The long dreamed of (by the Federalists that is) United States Of Europe will become a reality.

Many, if not the majority of people on both sides of the Atlantic have been `duped` for decades into believing that the EEC/EU is about a `free trade` zone. This is not at all the case, as the above quote by Monsieur Monet illustrates very clearly. So what are the ramifications of a `Yes` vote by the Irish.

The European Union was founded on lies and deceit at the very highest levels of government. This trail of deception has continued since, and on Thursday 13th December 2007 stopped momentarily in Lisbon Portugal, where the `dignitaries` of the member states of this `trading bloc` signed the `EU Reform Treaty.`

This `Treaty` replaces the EU Constitution rejected in 2005 by both France and the Netherlands. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor and the former French President `Giscard D`Estaing are among many European ministers who have confirmed that the `Treaty` is but the Constitution by another name. The only differentials being the dropping from the new document those articles relating to the EU Flag, Anthem and Motto. Yet only two days prior to the `Historic event` in Lisbon, sixteen member states `broke cover` and called for an amendment to the `Treaty `and the reinstatement of these three articles, thereby transforming the `Treaty` into the original Constitution.

They also want to impose the `single currency` on all those member states still retaining their `indigenous` currencies and are suggesting that a `Europe Day` become a holiday for celebration.

The leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party `Nigel Farage` said, 'The full treachery being imposed is at last fully out in the open. The pathetic attempts claiming this wasn't the Constitution are now blown out of the water. Back comes the flag, the anthem and the motto. It means that what was 96% of the original constitution is now 100%. Let's not hear anymore of the `Reform Treaty`. This is the rejected EU Constitution brought back in all it's pomp'.

The Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen has decided against any referendum on the Treaty, leaving it's ratification to Danish MPs. He told reporters that the `Treaty` was 'Good For Denmark'. Denmark had planned to hold a referendum on the Constitution back in 2005, but following the `NO` votes in France and Holland, the vote was dropped. The Danish Justice Ministry have concluded that the `Treaty` does not threaten Danish Sovereignty. Mr Rasmussen is quoted as saying ' When sovereignty is relinquished, a referendum is needed, but when no sovereignty is relinquished, Parliament will ratify the text'. He also confirmed plans to hold another referendum on the `Single Currency` (EURO) and whether to end the `opt outs` agreed at Maastricht relating to defence, justice and home affairs.

So, no threat to sovereignty ? Well let's consider the implications; If a Sovereign Nation State no longer controls it's own Economy, Defence, Justice System and Home Affairs, can it truly be called a `Sovereign Nation State` any longer ? The answer is quite simply NO.

The Political and Financial Elite of Europe have been working towards this moment since the end of World War Two. In every member state, the personalities might differ, but the rhetoric is always the same; `No Loss Of Sovereignty, good for the people, good for the economy and so on`.

Alright' let us take a look at what this `Treaty` is really about. What is the difference between this document and the original Constitution ? German Lawyer, Klaus Heeger, a researcher and legal advisor to the Independent Democratic group in the EU Parliament has drawn the following conclusions regarding the two documents:

According to his analysis, the Constitution granted the EU 105 new `competences`. The `Treaty` also grants 105 new areas of competence. Out goes the EU symbols (Flag, Anthem, Motto) in comes Climate Change. The remaining 104 areas remain the same.Decision making by qualified majority replaces `unanimity` in 62 new areas in the Reform Treaty. One more than in the Constitution. Out goes `Intellectual property rights`, in comes energy and climate change. The other 60 stay the same. His conclusion; The EU Constitution by another name.

This sixth and final `Treaty` is the `death knell` for the sovereignty of the member states of the EU. Do not be mistaken about this, and no matter what your `elected` leaders are telling you to the contrary, this is it. This is the culmination of years of plotting, deception and conspiring against the people of Europe. So what's the big deal many will ask ? Read on and find out.
This `Treaty` is the EU's most secret and quickest drafted document yet. Opposition to and recognition that the EU is a Police State in the making is growing and they (the conspirators) know that speed is vital. Tony Blair agreed to it in June 2007 as his final `Stab in Britain's Back`. Foreign Ministers agreed it's terms in September 2007 and on 13th December two months later, the representatives of each member state signed the document, and now, all that remains is ratification, and the deed will be done.

So, if the result of the Irish vote is a `Yes` and all other member states do as indicated, ratify this treasonous piece of infamy, how will our lives be affected ?

Our National Parliaments will become redundant as all power that still remains will transfer to Brussels. It will mean the formal end of those Historic Nations of Europe who are member states of the EU. National Embassies around the world will come under the auspices of EU bureaucrats. The ancient counties and provinces will be merged and combined into `EU Administrative Regions`. (The recent amalgamations of Kommunes in Denmark is a preemptive example of this, along with the `devolved` parliaments of Scotland and Wales, to be soon joined by the eradication of `England` and the setting up of similar regional assemblies there).

The EU will take ownership of Police, Military, Nuclear Weapons, Currency Reserves and North Sea Oil as outlined in the Treaty document. Serving members of our Police and Armed Forces will be required to take an oath of loyalty to the EU. Refusal will result in dismissal. The EU will have complete control of all military matters, equipment and facilities.

Political parties will be abolished, phased out or realigned. Only Pan European parties will be allowed. Independence parties will effectively be outlawed as under the 1999 ruling of the European Court Of Justice (case 274/99), it is illegal to criticize the EU. (Even before the Irish Vote, News from Brussels indicates that plans are afoot already to eliminate any `Euro-sceptic groups within the EU Parliament). The EU will have the legal right to close National Parliaments and Assemblies.

Many people will be made unemployed as the EU rule of `retraining` at a citizens own expense becomes universal (including the purchase of a Certificate confirming said retraining). Hundreds of thousands of small businesses will be forced to close due to the enforcement of endless numbers of impracticable and unworkable EU regulations.

Around 107,000 EU laws will criminalise many, as adherence to this amount of legislation is impossible. We will be subject to frequent fines and even arrest as a result of what will be our inevitable ignorance. Take the following as examples: From January 2006, it became illegal to repair your own domestic plumbing, electricals or even your own car. If you buy a boat over six feet long, built after 1999, you will be required to pay the equivalent in Euros of £4000, or face six months in prison.

As the EU `Police State` flexes it's muscles ever more, each of us will live under the fear and threat of arrest or prosecution for any one of a myriad of offences, even minor ones.

The Large Corporations will do well of course, utilising massive immigration from within and without the EU, paying minimum wages to immigrants at the expense of the indigenous population, thus forcing salaries downwards. Furthermore, these Corporations will have a near Monopoly on employment (along with Government), and will be able to dictate conditions and terms of employment without fear of contradiction.

Top Government Jobs and the inevitable corruption which will accompany this monopoly, will create a new `Class Divide` ensuring the rich and their `fellow travellers` get richer, whilst the majority decline into poverty. Taxes will increase in order to pay for the massive growth in bureaucracy.

There will be no `redress of grievance` through local `democratic` channels because there won't be any local democracy. Or any democracy at all for that matter. The `EU Administrative Regional Governments` will be unelected (See the EU Regionalisation plan on the EU Website). Our only vote will be to the powerless EU Parliament. We will be ruled by the unelected EU Commissioners, who have no `accountability to the people` at any level.

If we demonstrate or protest, we can be seized and relocated to another EU Region. The EU Arrest Warrant and the various legislation introduced across the EU since 9/11 will give the Authorities absolute power over us. The shootings of innocents `Philip Prout` and `Jean de Menezes` were entirely legal under EU Law. The intimidation and growing `Anti Muslim` vitriol across the EU is becoming reminiscent of the treatment of Jews in pre-war Germany. A Federal European State will become a very unpleasant place to be.

Following Federation, in and around 15 years hence, Europe could collapse under the weight of it's own Bureaucracy and Corruption. There will be so little production, that no amount of taxation will be able to support the vast, inept, corrupt and wasteful government machinery. Many will be reduced to poverty on the brink of starvation. The complete lack of any `checks and balances` will leave the door open for any would be dictatorship.

The EU as monstrous as it is, is nothing more than a `stepping stone` to `World Government`. Before you dismiss this article as `Scare Mongering` or `Conspiracy Theory`, find out how many of your own country's leading politicians are members of such `Secret Organisations` as the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Club Of Rome, and the Royal Institute For International Affairs.

Each and every one of the above are totally dedicated to a `One World` Government and see a Federal Europe as a necessary evolution towards that goal. Their memberships read like a who's who of the planet's `power players`. Danish readers for example, might be very surprised to discover which of their country's Political and Financial Elites attend the Bilderberger meetings, which has been in the forefront of machinations to further European Federalisation. To find out which of your elected representatives are members of any of the above groups, just type in the organisation's name on any recognised search engine. Then sit back and prepare to be shocked.

We live in an age where people seem to have abdicated all responsibility for their own lives to Government. This has been going on since the end of World War Two, but has accelerated markedly since the 1980's. This `social irresponsibility` led us to Lisbon on 13th December 2007, where our so called leaders signed away our ancient rights and freedoms in the name of their `great plan`. If we sit back and do nothing, the rest of our lives will become a nightmare of our own making, because in the final analysis, it is we who will have handed over our rights and liberties into the hands of `wolves.`

The future well being of a whole continent lies in the hands of the Irish people. They need our support. They need to know they are not alone. It's time to start writing to your `elected` representatives, time to find the time to research what this EU thing is really about. Time to switch off the TV and pick up a book about the EU, or check out the many Internet sites relating to this `Super-state in the making`. Do something, speak to your friends, neighbours, family. Just do something. Before it is too late, and it almost is.

Postscript: Anyone who cares about liberty should visit http://www.irish-friends-vote-no-for-me.org/.... and sign the on-line petition and also use the email link asking an Irish citizen to vote no on your behalf.


  1. Stefan Mihailovic16 August 2009 at 20:57

    Anyway this gives me the opportunity to thank you for writing your very necessary and well-written article and for helping us in seeing the truth in these blurry times. It was the best and most convincing article I could find in explaining about what's at stake. I forwarded your article to all the people I know and I hope they did the same. I'm sure many other people used your article the same way I did. My vote is still on the Irish website and most probably also the vote of many many others.

    So I'm very positive your future efforts will make and already have made a large difference! Let's hope for the best next time around. My thoughts are with another clear and definite Irish NO and that will show them and the entire world the power of the people's voice. Disregarding another `no` vote won't be that easy anymore I believe... People are more and more beginning to see the true faces of their rulers.

    Many, many thanks for your hard work and sharing your insights.

    Best regards, and Solidarity :)

  2. Henk Ruyssenaars16 August 2009 at 20:58

    Following was a very much needed, informative and good article, about the real horrors that await the close to 500 million of inhabitants of the twenty seven European countries, which have been forced into the European Union. Last June 12th, 2008, we thought the fate of nearly 500 million people will be decided. But we face total slavery and they will make the Irish vote again. And any sovereignty a country had, is gone totally because we others in the EU countries have had our voices stolen already. And Apartheid has already been introduced.

    HR & the so called European Union - the federal police state of Europe - Url.: http://tinyurl.com/29ak6b


  3. On reading your article about the coming collapse of European statehood, I couldn't help feeling that the chickens have come home to roost. You Europeans are the most passive and compliant people in the world, whereas we Americans are only half asleep. This difference in attitude points to a rather revealing divide. Our leaders think as your leaders do, but they don't think as Americans do. That's because they're not Americans in any real sense but that constraining formality of citizenship they each abhor. It's almost hard to believe, but they, in fact, hate America. And Americans hate them, but accept any semblance of the good life as suitable compensation with its soporific effect of the strong sedative attendant upon a stream of endless promises made of the sustainable American Dream. Just deliver on those promises. Or else! Americans could wake up.Rooted in the American psyche is a strong belief in the worth of the individual. Formed during our earliest colonial days, it's the basis of our belief in individual freedom. You Europeans, who have no comparable history, have no true understanding of freedom at all, and so are easily led around by the nose. We, on the other hand, have a bill of rights in our constitution protecting such rights as free speech. Your aghast? Well, that's not surprising. Admit it, you Euro-Eloi loathe free speech lest speaking out makes you feel the steel tether around your necks. Yes, the tether is here as well, but not so readily accommodated. Indeed, as a last resort, our constitution permits our citizens to arm themselves to protect all our freedoms against the usurpations of would-be tyrants. Think of the U.S. Constitution as the mirror of the American soul. Soon, our leaders will attempt an American Union based on the European model. When they do, when they overstep their bounds, and they will, the sparks will fly! What, I should now ask, will you do about your unification problems? The question is almost rhetorical. You will do nothing at all. Jim B

  4. Philip,
    good evening.... Yesterday i spoke with some people at the headquarters of the "LEGA NORD" a leading political party here in italy which is allied with Berlusconi as you may or may not know. Anyhow they seeem to be worried as well about this lisbon treaty, they are aware of what may happen if ireland votes yes next time to the ratification....
    They told me at Lega Nord that basically the case may be that few people in the end have really read this treaty and probably only the "ELITE" few are really aware of what will happen if a yes vote! should I objectively be worried in the case of a yes??
    ciaoo my friend and take care,

  5. Absolutely great article

    Since you mentioned Coudenhove-Kalergi, I'd like to leave a link to a translation of selected quotes from his most infamous book Practischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism)

    EU's dirty secret is that their 'anti-racist' ideology, is based on a peculiar type of racism and elitism conceived by Coudenhove Kalergi.

    On this page there are links to translations into Danish, Dutch as well as the original German version. The whole book can be downloaded in German as well.


  6. Assalama Aleikum.

    This is a great article, and the author and both writers obviously understand what is happening in Denmark. But throughout the world, the Globalists are destroying countries and peoples. Stealing their wealth, murdering their people through wars, manipulated famines, vaccination programmes, and promotion of unatural sexual liasons, feminism, pitting boy against girl, man against woman. So that there are not enough children being born. Nowhere in the west are ther being born so many children as to replace their dying population. Western Women have been brainwashed into thinking that it is better to be a `wage slave` of an employer, than a loving wife and mother, who cares for her family, nurtures her offspring and aids in the growth of her people by providing a new generation. I read and hear all the time how `Muslim` women are so badly treated by men. I am not saying that this does not happen. But what I see happening to western women is so much worse. They are not like women anymore, and they cannot be men either. They are like nothings. This is part of the Global War on humanity, and as Kjeld Heisings says, on women in particular. These ideas are now being forced on women in Muslim lands, and throughout Africa, together with secret programes to sterilise girls in their teens. This is not about Muslims or Westerners. We are all members of the human race. This a war against us all.

  7. 1/5/2008
    Kaj Krinsmøe: Philip Jones writes: “…only Ireland has indicated that a referendum will be put to the people (and don’t hold your breath on that one).”

    What is the connotation of this? - that one should not presume on a referendum?

    Philip Jones: Hej Kai,

    Ander Rasmussen has publicly stated that there will be no referendum on the EU Reform Treaty, as (according to him) there is no loss of Sovereignty. This is simply a lie. The Reform Treaty when ratified by the Folketing will remove Sovereigny on Economy,defence, justice and home affairs which includes immigration. Furthermore, he intends to give up the three Danish `opt outs` from the Maastricht Treaty. Make no mistake about this, you are about to lose your country to a Federal Superstate with a Fascist Pedigree, of truly tyrannical proportions.Don't take my word for it, check out Peter Bonde's;

    http://www.bonde.com and learn all about the selling of Denmark.

    What people do not realise is that this has been in the planning at least as far back as 1928. It is Dictatorship by stealth.

    Ireland has a constitutional duty to put all EU Treaty's to a vote. My own country the UK is governed by a lying cabal of globalists who are hand in glove with Rasmussen and all the other `Euro One Worlders`, and dare not allow the British people to have their say as the answer will be NO.

    There is so much information on the web regarding all this. What amazes me is that the people of Europe have allowed themselves to be led by the nose into giving up their freedoms. Don't be fooled by `Democracy`. Going to vote once every four or five years for a selection of parties and people who have at the top of their respective groups exactly the same agenda is not democracy.

    People have been saying for years that it doesn't matter who gets elected, nothing changes. Of course nothing changes. Politicians are `puppets on a string`. They do as they are told by the bankers, and industrialists, or they don't get to the top. It's that simple.

    Kjeld Heising's site is one of the best of it's kind, and you will find all you need to know within it's pages.

    Unless people wake up very soon, we will all find ourselves living on a very unpleasant continent.

  8. Hi Philip,

    The fraudulent Reform Treaty will naturally cause a lot of reaction. For most people it must seem a remote abstraction which they can’t comprehend, especially since authorities have not provided authorized documentation. The manner in which it has been “pushed through” is suspicious, and probably it is done to reconcile the Union fast in the face of the oncoming economic stagnation. However, when Europeans are gradually confronted with the sneaky realities the reaction might begin, and some day might come when the media whores can make more money by writing up a popular reaction than by supporting the EU establishment, without losing advertising revenue!

    Also, at this time there is the salient issue of global capital, which is in a rickety situation because Dollar hegemony is losing support. Even those who seem to understand the dubious instruments of this preposterous casino are not at all sure what is going to happen, except that fictive values will fall, relatively. Everything depends on how the situation is handled. Will a sane currence replace the dollar, or will the international Shylocks manipulate with values and play nations out against each other? A currency based on gold-silver, is just what the Rothschilds in Threadneedle Street have been saving up for. Denmark, with its own currency and a well equipped, debt-free, machine park, a qualified manpower and repute for qualities, is in an excellent situation to cope, no matter how the Shylocks in Threadneedle Street manipulate with international comodity values. If Denmark were coupled to the Euro, the value of this currency will not be trimmed to the interests of the thousands of small concerns that characterize Danmark, but rather to fit the interests of large European concerns and banks. Alas, there are political whores in power, who are more in the service of financial parasites in Threadneedle Street than in the service of Denmark and there are lots of media whores to serve this disingenous nexus.

  9. Contemplating the Danish situation in general one certainly see the contours of Masonic guardianship, which has prevailed many, many generations. The Trade Unions and especially the Socialdemocratic Party have been environments for Masonic influence. When the international financiers had engineered the Great Depression, 1929, there was economic stagnation everywhere. In the west of Denmark, in the Bible Belt, a group of people, who didn’t have their heads full of ideological babble, but had a righteous attitude towards worldly problems, they opened their J. A. K. banks and issued usury-fri negotiable bill. This caused much economic progress in the midst of economic stagnation, and this spread more and more. More and more people gained practical experience and realized that they had no need of usury (workfree winnings in the form of interest). But then the Socialdemocratic Prime Minister, Mr. Stauning, interceded and forbade them to issue their own means of exchange. They were compelled to use the notes issued by the state, subject to usury. If more and more people had acquired this experience of usury free money then this would have prevailed and fewer and fewer would have used the notes issued by The National Bank. People in honest trade, work and commerce have no need of usury. Only parasites have en interest in usury. In Austria there was a similar example, where a local Commune issued its own money. In a short time they abolished unemployment and paid off their debts. Then the Austrian Government interceded, supported by the Social Democrats! Socialists have been so useful in the diabolical game of the international usurers. And to consummate the confusion, it was the international financiers (usurers) who financed the Bolshevik Revolution, Nazism, and Zionism. Whole nations are taken for a ride on the usury nag, and elected crooks lead them.

    It must be stressed, that the looming economic crisis in USA is a consequence of powerful economic parasites who control corrupt politicians. At one time in USA, this was parodied with the famous and popular Puppet Show - all Americans were charmed and delighted, but not enlightened. And in Denmark the sleazy media pigs have filled pages and pages daily, writing up this monstrous casino, so that it is safe to say that most of their readers don’t read or understand the papers they buy. They might as well read Medieval Theology, and then they would at least have a spiritually commensurable common denominator. But, the free press hasn’t told them that.

    In your response of 6.1.08, you write “What people don’t realise is that this has been in the planning since 1928. It is Dictatorship by stealth.” Could you refer to some sites or explain?

    I think that Denmark is already a Masonic Ghetto, where much of the agenda of “The Protocols of Zion” has been sneaked into the camp. This must have been done through the sneaky auspices of Georg Brandes and similar cultural dialecticals. And I suspect that Grundtvig was a Zionist asset. Reading about the Sabbateans, one can discern how these monstrously ambitious intellects have sneaked into innocent communities and acquired influence. In reality they are merely worldly grub who function with religious garb and/or ideological pretentions. Thus, except for Torah Jews, the Jews who crystallize as Zionists in our time are really consummating the barbary of ancient Jewry, who invented the God of Justice specifically to serve the Jews. Today, in Israel, the Orthodox Jews declare themselves as part of humanity. They are no longer exclusively God’s own! They have come a long way to discover that spiritual reality.

  10. You also wrote “Unless people wake up very soon we will find ourselves living on a very unpleasant continent.”

    I think that people will only gradually wake up and then they will be so compromised economically that they are powerless and demoralized. Indeed, this state seems to obtain already.

    I have personal experience of how a Masonic political mafia system flourish in Denmark, hushed up by everybody. It seems to me that people are compromised and cowardized. As I have experienced these cryptic circumstances, which I became aware of over a great number of years, it functions with everyone being compromised, involved, in a snoopy, collusive system, by having a small radio in their head, which they don’t admit to. And they are anxious never to divulge their involvement in this colluding system. They don’t even know of it, if asked. And they even venture to ask me if there’s something wrong with me, if I try to query this situation. They all sneak around and function under the auspices of these sinister circumstances, but never admit to it, never claim the right to it. This is a mekka for cryptic political mafia, by courtesy of the secret political societies.

    As an outsider in relation to this snoopy, collusive and chikaning system, I have not been able to determine if it is illegal for them to go about with these devices in their heads. I see this cryptic nexus much like the problems with spy cameras. People are allowed to have spy cameras, but they are not allowed to us them! This is compromising devilish politics. A Masonic hat trick, put in place by lick-democratic operators. In this cynical environment people evolve as spiritually corrupt, morally subverted dummies in a cowardized chain gang. The mafia pigs can implement hidden terror with remote controlled spraying devices and people pretend not to hear it. Yes, they typically deny it. For about twenty years I had no permanent address, but lived in Youth Hostels, and I gained much insight of how this snoopy, chikaning system is integrated in people’s hypocritical, cowardized being. Young people, school groups are more intuitive and less intimidated. Their behaviour is revealing. In my experience, Denmark is a forlorn, snoopy, social-political pigsty, where dehumanized cowards seek shelter from moral realities. And in my experience, no-one ever see these mafia pigs, even when they strut about openly, which is rare! People are scared to divulge their involvement in this monstrous social-political dump. They have evolved as experts in evasiveness and deviousness. They become cress and obtuse, calculating, chikaning and apathic, because they are in this compromised situation. In this squalid environment a covert political mafia rules.

  11. The persecution I have enjured in this abominable context it is not possible to address anywhere. Editorial offices are perfidious and evasive. After all, this system doesn’t even exist. Yet, they all sneak around in this cryptic colluding environment, and tend their interests on the conditions of this mutually snoopy system. Snoopy neighbours can chicane with electric radiation and stuff that cause many different symptoms, but this is something that cannot be addressed. One would think that police had authority to use the same spy gear that neighbours use to chikane and molest with! But this is not so. Masonic lackeys in legislation have created this squalid utopia. A State Advocate told me that “it sounds quite improbable.” He didn’t mention anything about psychiatrists, but others have. Indeed, psychiatrists live high on this spiritually corrupt, hushed-up social dump. Such is the system, and it is my impression that most people feel redeemed. Absolved from all moral reality. And politicians have the function of tending people’s conscience for them in this utopia where cause and effect is mangled and tvisted by media monsters in diabolical service. Regarding what people truly have in common, there is moore that have to be hushed up than can be spoken out because the community is a perverted, depraved, snoopy peep show, abetted by lick-democratic pigs.

    How are these depraved people to be expected to “wake up” regarding the monster state EU? They are entertained illicitely, compromised and silenced. Sneaky local political mafia pigs keep them in line. They are overfed, and the electronic Colosseum is bought right into their houses. They have no moral integrity to shout up. Maybe they really see the Union as a further escape from moral depravities and decadence. It seems to me that people are already conditioned to function in a vast Union, as an anonymous evasive mass, with Royal dolts putting the frills on the Ship of Usury. Spiritually it is an abomination, but the ecclesiastical vultures are already hovering, ready to sell then absolutions and to provide them redemption from their own filthy hypocracy. Yes, maybe they will come up with a Jesus-figure, to consummate the Biblical phantastry. Alternatively, Threadneedle Street will provide another Hitler-figure. Quite possibly, such a freak is already being trained at Tavistock. To think that people are brainwashed is to attribute them with brains Rather, they are attached with their alimentary canals. The Union is the ars hole of a plutocratic, Masonic nexus, sophisticated with political clichés. And there is a monstrous agro-chemical industry, with its super market outlets, that exploit the alimentary canals to optimise its profits. And in the media world and in politics there are enough sleazies to entertain and cajole this enlightened majority.